Angelina Jolie Covers Time Magazine: Is Jennifer Aniston Jealous and Bitter As Usual?

Angelina Jolie Covers Time Magazine: Is Jennifer Aniston Jealous and Bitter As Usual?

Angelina Jolie has been all over the news today after she announced her decision to undergo an elective double mastectomy. Her decision to do so has reduced her chances of getting breast cancer from 87% to a very low 5%. It’s a brave decision and one that has been almost universally praised. And the fact that she went to the New York Times rather a tabloid like People (but she left enough time for People to change their cover and catch the news – as Bohomoth explains, People has a noon Tuesday deadline do the NYT article’s timing allowed them to quickly adapt whereas the other tabs were screwed since they go to press by Tuesday 3 am!) shows that this move was well thought out. This isn’t a wedding announcement, pregnancy announcement, or anything promoting her films or brand. She could have kept this quiet, but she chose to come forward with this to help and educate other women in similar situations.  However, and no disrespect to Angelina intended, this move to go public about her health issues and treatment will do more for her brand than anything she has done before – even stealing Brad Pitt from hapless Jennifer Aniston!

Now, keeping that in mind, how do you think that Jennifer Aniston feels about this? It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion at this point that Angelina trumps Jennifer when it comes to news coverage, especially when it comes to something like this. Take that with the fact that Jennifer’s publicist is one of the most powerful ones in Hollywood, and her ‘casual appearance’ at the grocery with Justin Theroux yesterday starts to look different, doesn’t it? Hey, they have to control the media appearances somehow, especially when it comes to Angelina Jolie’s huge news days. But Aniston’s announcements in People don’t look so good anymore, do they? Nothing compared to the cache of the New York Times.

Either way, Angie’s news dominance continues. She covers the latest issue of Time Magazine, with the title, “The Angelina Effect: Angelina’s double mastectomy puts genetic testing in the spotlight. What her choice reveals about calculating risk, cost, and peace of mind’. It’s a fascinating read and one that focuses on the risks and rewards of such a procedure.

Putting that aside, how do you think Jennifer Aniston is reacting to this? So far, her arch-rival has landed the cover of NYT, Time, and been featured in major news channels including CNN, NBC, and BBC. In contrast, Jennifer’s engagement made the cover of People. Talk about different mediums. The funny thing is, it suits both their public personae. Angelina Jolie, for better or worse, has become the Hollywood poster girl of philanthropy, and TIME and NYT go along with that image. Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston is still known more for being Brad Pitt’s ex-wife and Rachel on Friends than anything else, and People Magazine manages to leverage that fame for all its worth.

Image Credit: Time Magazine

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  • JJsjoy

    This article is nonsense and meaningless. Angie’s her double mastectomy is not a good thing. I do not get why people brag it. Angie broadcasts everything to make her look good. That’s her purpose. Smart people know what Angie is up to. Jen is on the top of the world. If I were Jen, I will not care what Angie does.

    • Kelly Van Den Heuvel

      Really, is that all you have JJsjoy??? Sad…’top of the world’?? Kidding yourself. Smart people do know and that is what Ms. Jolie is. Do you think for one minute that Ms. Aniston would do anything for anyone if it did not benefit her?? Educate yourself. Aniston is local. Jolie is Global!!!

  • Luv Ange

    “Jen is not on top of the world.” – LMFAO

  • How juvinile to even print such a ridiculous supposition. Why would Jennifer Aniston be jealous of a woman who had her breast removed and implants put in their place? A woman who chose to do this not because she was ill, but because she feared she might become ill sometime later in life? Have you see Jennifer Aniston in a bikini? Have you seen photos of Angelina Jolie nude in her films? or in a bikini? If anyone would be jealous it would be Angelina Jolie of Jennifer Aniston. This is ridiculous and insulting not just to all women, but particularly to Angelina Jolie who put this out in an effort to create interest in gene discovery and uses. You have dumbed it down to a cat fight between a woman who just mutilated herself unnecessarily and her reputation in Hollywood. You did Angie no favors with this.

    • deb wilkin

      are you kidding- well, let me think….she would be jealous because Angelina is a talented actor, generous, kind, international humanitarian, etc, etc….and she is a TV and B-movie actor who is known to be pretty much the opposite of this women who ALSO stole her husband away.

      • jennrae

        I think it’s pretty sad that you think of jealousy as the natural reaction to someone with “greater” success than you, and furthermore, why all the delight at the idea that Jennifer would be jealous of Angelina? What if she were, why are people at home invested in this? It’s gross that these two continue to be pitted against each other.

    • Lea

      what a shallow and cruel thing to say about a woman who has done more good and is a lot braver than you or any one else.
      You are disgusting!

  • deb wilkin

    Ask writers, movie production staff, techs, servers, hotel staff- who is the kind, loving human being and who is the self absorbed narcissist.

    • I have always heard that Angelina is the narcissist, and Jen is very nice…

  • amaryllis

    Um, I don’t think I’d be jealous of a woman who’d just had a double mastectomy regardless of how much publicity it generated. In any event, both of them have moved on. Maybe their fans should too!

  • I do not think Jennifer cares what she does…… They both lead very different lives… Angie made the best decision for her and her family. However I do not like how the media is making her out to be such a hero for doing this.. My aunt had cancer, and had both breasts removed. Now had she known what would have happened she would have had her breasts removed years ago. So people need to stop obsessing over this story..

  • marilen alcebar

    If one had an ‘archrival’, and found out that the latter had a double mastectomy and plans to have an oophorectomy, jealousy would hardly be her reaction.

  • Mimsy

    Angelina Jolie isn’t the poster or the face of breast cancer or this gene. Look at the thousands of men and women that walk and run in the SG Komen Race for the Cure, or the real men and women that go through this everyday. I applaud AJ’s charity work, but that still won’t change the fact that she went after another woman’s husband. Nor does it excuse Brad Pitt.

  • Patricia Taylor

    Oh, so what is the point? I mean with that much said could have come up with something actually say?

  • tahoegeminii

    you can bet Anustain is green -she and Handler have been spewing venom at Jolie and trying to spin that Brad and Angie are some how postponing their wedding to screw over “poor Jen” these hags should be humiliated for what they have been saying-meanwhile Jolie has had a double mastectomy and been to refugee camps and world summits -Jolie has yet again just by being her shining self shown Anustain to be the sniveling back stabbing fame drooling hag that she is-Jolie never mentions Anustain or puts her down -yet for 8 years now Anustain has paid huge money to gossip rags to constantly insult Jolie and try to slander her-and has now made the drunk nasty gossip hag of Hollywood her little trained doggy mouthpiece to try and spew venom while acting sooo innocent

  • Sorry

    Jen, is always jealous. Chelsea Handler is her spokesperson.