Anne Hathaway on the Fast Track for Hollywood’s MOST Hated Actress — Why’s She Being Such a Diva?

Anne Hathaway on the Fast Track for Hollywood's MOST Hated Actress -- Why's She Being Such a Diva?

Why do people hate Anne Hathaway so much? Well, apparently, she is nothing like the Princess of Genovia and is actually a total diva. Before attending a cancer research charity event earlier this month, she made a few demands that were not received very well.

A source working for the Pink Party Gala revealed that Anne’s team sent an email instructing that no one talk to her because they were concerned people would approach her for photos and autographs. Anne’s team tried to justify the diva demands.

The email also stated, “I know in the past our hosts have mingled in the party, but each person is different. We are trying to respect her space.”

The source said that although the entire staff followed the demands, the Oscar winner still came off unfriendly. ”She was so rude and acted like a bitch to a few people she did speak to. She just sat there rolling her eyes all night.”

Anne is always so perky and bubbly. But ever since her whirlwind year for Les Mis, she has quickly become one of Hollywood’s most hated actresses. Maybe the fame is getting to her but if she wants to have a long career she needs to use that big mouth of hers to eat some humble pie. She could also take some lessons from her former co-stars and Hollywood legends, Meryl Streep and Julie Andrews.

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  • I believe it. She is pretty annoying.

    • carrie

      go on SHH’s TDKR message board,some persons met her during TDKR’s filming and she always was nice with fans contrary to Joseph Gordon Levitt who never wanted to sign autograph ,take pics or even just talk with fans