Anne Hathaway Pregnant: Brother Confirms Pregnancy – Report (PHOTOS)

Anne Hathaway Pregnant: Brother Confirms Pregnancy - Report (PHOTOS)

I guess you really do need to be careful about who you trust to hold your secrets. Anne Hathaway’s younger brother, Thomas Hathaway, recently did a comedy routine at Tandom Bar in Brooklyn and he let a huge cat out of the bag- he revealed that his sister is pregnant. Anne married Adam Schulman just last year and apparently the couple was hoping to start a family as soon as possible. Anne is currently filming but according to the Nov. 18th print edition of Star magazine her schedule is all but cleared for next year, leaving lots of time for her to relax and prepare for her baby.

As for her brother, he actually opened his set discussing his sister’s personal life. Supposedly she doesn’t care that the pregnancy surprise is out, but it makes me wonder about him. If you begin by dishing on your more famous sister doesn’t that just look like you’re kind of using her for credibility and clout? Plus, Tom had to know that someone in attendance would leak the good news, right? Was that his goal, to be the one that clued in everyone to Anne’s baby news?

As for motherhood itself, how do you think that Anne will hold up? She’s pretty well known for her nastiness in the industry and photos have also surfaced in recent months that indicate that Anne likes to dabble in drugs a bit. Will she clean up her act in order to have a healthy pregnancy? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet