VIDEO: Anthony Weiner Scolded and Ridiculed Publicly By Former School Teacher – Watch Him Squirm!

VIDEO: Anthony Weiner Scolded and Ridiculed Publicy By Former School Teacher - Watch Him Squirm!

Watch Anthony Weiner getting publicly scolded and humiliated. In case you’ve been stranded on Kardashian island, Anthony Weiner is a New York City Mayoral candidate addicted to cyber sex, sexting, and other things too horrible and awful to even mention. This is the second time Carlos Danger has admitted to an online scandal. It’s nothing wrong with loving yourself, but this guy is married, and a representative of NYC. Doesn’t his nose resemble lady Gaga’s? She’s also a New Yorker. Anyway, peep at the video for extreme awkwardness.

Sydney Leathers just made her first million bucks. Leathers’ is the poster child for ‘Horney young girls who will destroy a family for fame’. She is Anthony’s sexting ‘victim’ who saved every text and email because she knew he was a married politician. Smarty pants Leathers didn’t settle for a dumb ball player or hip hop thug. Sydney’s stomach growled for fame and power. Her hunger pains landed her right where she wanted to be, on our minds and television screens. While Sydney Leathers may not be the coldest beer in the fridge, anything is better than eating beans everyday, right married people?

It’s hilarious to watch Anthony Weiner try to avoid public judgment. He knew it was coming eventually. The school teacher blasted his crummy candidacy. She had every right. The United Stated of America has stooped to an all time low allowing this online married masturbator to even attempt to be elected to such a prestigious position. Should we judge Weiner by his last name? Be honest, wasWeiner’s conduct okay? If a married person uses the internet to meet people and cyber sex, is it cheating? Will Anthony’s disinterest in his wife Huma Abedin affect his ability to do a great job if New York is insane enough to elect him for mayor?

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