Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande Kissing – Selena Gomez Laughs (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande Kissing - Selena Gomez Laughs (PHOTO)

What’s going on here with Justin Bieber kissing and flirting with the hired hand Ariana Grande? Possibly, Ariana’s occupation comes with fringe benefits. She is allowed to sit on Justin Bieber’s lap ten times a day while he pust the kissing move on her –  giving off toxic saliva from those other girls he just charmed into his web.

Justin, 19, dancing and singing on stage serenading the girls after the shows comes dragging his tail over to Ariana to begin one of his routine flirt practice sessions that he does with all the girls. Justin is just a conning entertainer with motives to “keep on pushing and he can’t stop now” – girls he won’t stop by your place for long.

If Selena Gomez wants Justin Bieber back she needs a full deck of cards, including the heart, king, queen and the joker. Because Justin Bieber is a mere joker spreading tainted kisses on Ariana and other foolish candidates.

Now Love! Justin Bieber in love? Not on my dime. I would imagine Justin is showing Ariana Grande the type of love that is here today but it is gone tomorrow. At this point Justin is not structurally sound – incapable of loving Selena Gomez or any girl. Justin Bieber is like a fox in the hen’s nest, waiting for the next greatest, almighty chick to hatch.

Of course, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez are sweet as spice if it is not too early in the mornings but they are totally different girls. Ariana does the intimate kisses with Justin Bieber and Selena does not have a bet on the table. This parlay of Ariana’s is only the beginning of greater series of bets that she will continue her intimate kisses and/or maybe more?

Remember the Bieber is no straight coon dog. He is a deceitful hunter with the nature of those who hunt in the night.

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