Beyonce Disses Rihanna – Tells B*itch To Bow Down (Audio)

Beyonce Disses Rihanna - Tells B*itch To Bow Down (Audio)

Beyonce dropped a new track via SoundCloud and Instagram on Sunday. And it ain’t pretty! It’s called “Bow Down/I Been On.” We’re wondering who inspired this song! Queen Bey is letting this person have it! We would hate to be that person! The song is creating a lot of buzz already! Here’s a little excerpt of her lyrics: “I know when you were little girls you dreamt of being in my world/Don’t forget it, don’t forget it/Respect that, bow down, b*itches,” and “I took some time to live my life/But don’t think I’m just his little wife.” Catfight! Catfight!

We’re speculating here, maybe it’s one of the girls from Destiny’s Child? Or maybe it was dedicated to Rihanna?! Scandalous! What’s going on behind the curtains? But reportedly she’s attacking a generation of women behind her who sees her as just Jay-Z’s wife! Who is really thinking that? We got things to do and people to see! We don’t have time for this type of jealousy Beyonce! Maybe she’s sitting at home having delusions while rocking her Blue Ivy to sleep? If that’s the case, someone please get her help!

One singer is already slamming her lyrics! Keyshia Cole put it all over her Twitter account. She tweets: “Can’t stand when people all self righteous when it’s convenient it makes them look good. Lmao! But can still talk sh*t when convenient 2 FOH” Sasha Fierce, ahem, her alter ego was asking for this type of attention. And she got it!

This song is produced by Houston’s Hit-Boy. He’s known for working on Kanye West’sClique.” Beyonce hasn’t released anything since 2011. So far, we’re not a fan of the song. She should stick to her pop music instead. Rap doesn’t really suit her. Or maybe she should leave the rapping to her hubby Jay-Z! Kowtow to your hubby Mrs. Carter!

6 responses to “Beyonce Disses Rihanna – Tells B*itch To Bow Down (Audio)”

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  2. Joker Chick says:

    this bytch needs to get a grip – she’s a mediocre dancer, horrible singer, sounds country/downsy and just uneducated AND she has an ugly family lmao

  3. Rachel Groom says:

    Ugly song for an ugly person. Wouldn’t she be surprised if she knew how many little girls DO NOT dream about being in “her world”. Sounds like her world sucks to me.

  4. commonsense says:

    People are tripping over nothing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this song. I love the new direction she’s taking. People are taking this as a permanent change. Beyonce is Beyonce and she has the freedom to express herself however she likes. I have to admit, the deep vocals sound quite hilarious but I see it as something fun that she did. People want to trash talk it but its STILL better than half the junk on the radio.

  5. rogerrramjet says:

    This from someone who had a phony pregnancy? Please.