Beyonce NOT Pregnant She Says – Calls Fans “Low Life People” And Laughs At Them

Beyonce NOT Pregnant She Says – Calls Fans "Low Life People" And Laughs At Them

Beyonce has been making all sorts of headlines during her Mrs. Carter World Tour and now her glittering costumes may have revealed her biggest secret – a growing baby bump. Mrs. Carter banned all professional photographers from her shows during her world tour but during the age of technology and social media it was only a matter of time before her big secret – and possible baby bump – got out.

Are the pregnancy rumors why Baddie Bey didn’t want the professional photographers at her show in the first place? The message she posted to Instagram Friday night, which she’s since removed was:

“I can’t stop the rumors from starting, and I can’t really change people’s minds who believe them, all I can do is sit back and laugh at these low life people who have nothing better to do than talk about me.”


We all love Beyonce (AS IF!!) but it is not a surprise that she would hide this pregnancy until she and Jay-Z are ready to reveal in grand fashion like the news they were expecting their first child, showing off her growing belly in a flowing Lanvin gown at MTV’s Video Music Awards last August. Jay-Z and Beyonce suffered at least one miscarriage before the birth of their daughter, Blue Ivy Carter and we had no knowledge of that until Jay-Z rapped about the couple’s pregnancy struggles.

The ‘Love On Top’ singer was forced to postpone her show on Tuesday by doctors who told her she was suffering from “exhaustion and dehydration”. Beyonce has since made her return to the stage for her ‘The Mrs. Carter Show’ tour 15th May in Antwerp.

Beyonce cockiness is starting to become intolerable and maybe she should take a lesson from herself and “Bow Down Bitch” and just be honest and tell your fans if the rumors are true. Stop the dumbness with Instagram and hidden messages. Who wants to wait to the next award show “BET AWARDS” to hear what is being reported worldwide.

Jay-Z and Beyonce state that they love their fans but if they truly love their fans than be honest and stop the daily torture about this pregnancy. Do you think Beyonce is pregnant with baby #2? Are these just rumors like Rihanna when she was cancelling concerts? Share your thoughts?

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12 responses to “Beyonce NOT Pregnant She Says – Calls Fans “Low Life People” And Laughs At Them”

  1. Sorry says:

    She is an idiot.

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  3. j dracos says:

    She did write this on Instagram and its pretty sad cause I remember when I went to her Destiny Child’s concert back when n nobody was dancing or singing to their music except for I and a few other fans who clearly stood out in the crowd. I liked her better then, especially cause I was a teenager, but if this is true she should apologize. Cause “low life’s” like us few fans in the crowd are who supported her back when she was a nobody. I remember singing along n dancing to ” let me hear you say no, no, no, no,no” and ppl were saying they didn’t like them n I argued that they were really good. Sad to hear now that she is Beyonce that she would put down us hard working ppl who enjoy her music n talent. Beyonce needs a reality check n to stop hanging with Kim n Kanye… They are toxic for her n her image or maybe after all she is just like them… They all need an ego check.. Smh

  4. j dracos says:

    Money can buy ass, but not class… Kanye is not a celeb, and We are low life’s.. BOYCOTT ALL OF THEM!!

  5. j dracos says:

    Nice spin Beyonce… We’re not stupid or low lifes… She’s stupid … BOYCOTT ALL OF THEM.. Kim, Beyonce, Jay Z, and Kanye… I am done

  6. twelfthnight says:

    Oh boy, a 30something married woman, PREGNANT? Haters must be all over that because it’s so taboo and strange.

    What exactly is ‘hater’ about saying somebody is pregnant? Saying she’s a crack-addled bad mother and should have her child ripped from her home could be considered a ‘hater’ thing to say, but simply saying somebody looks like they may be with child.

    What are these people, who are ‘hating’ thinking? Teehee, let’s spread that Beyonce is pregnant. That’ll show her! (????)

    Seems like a pretty positive rumor to spread.

  7. atlcutie86 says:

    o wow, that was rude of her! and i LOVE the hell outta her, but that was rude

  8. amanda calhoun says:

    i agree with you that one.

  9. amanda calhoun says:

    I dont think people are stupid that part is i disagree with you

  10. Jordan says:

    She never wrote that. That was from a fake Instagram account, no hers.

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  12. so aggrivated says:

    First of all, beyonce is NOT a bitch! and second of all…Beyoncé never said she was pregnant again….it’s easy to get aggravated when the whole world is all up in your business all the freaking time…She got pregnant by her husband, had a miscarriage, and when she got pregnant again she ehem “announced” it BET….because it was official…if she never announced a new pregnancy, it should be aggravating to have low life people like all of you spreading rumors about her…stupid idiot.