Big Brother 15 Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson Pregnant and Engaged — Marrying after Unprotected Sex


One of the worst things on this season of Big Brother was Amanda Zuckerman (AKA “Evil Queen” in my book) and her faithful manservant, McCrae Olson. Could this couple be taking their relationship a step further and tying the knot? Some people are claiming that, during the final interviews/taping of season 15, Amanda looked a bit “curvier” on camera, causing many to jump to the logical first hypothesis — that place the media always jumps to first . . . . Is Amanda Zuckerman pregnant with McCrae’s lovechild, forcing them to undergo a shotgun wedding?

The couple definitely did get it on in basically every room in the house (which was unbelievably messy and sloppy this season), but we think it a bit unlikely that they’re 1) getting engaged and 2) actually having a baby together. However, it wouldn’t be totally outside the realm of possibilities, as they reportedly had sex without protection.

Another reason why these rumors have started is to drum up even more publicity for this showmance — which has already gotten tons of media coverage (much more than a Big Bro couple should): The couple is reportedly in talks to appear on the upcoming season of The Amazing Race — also a CBS reality show.

What do you think about McCranda allegedly hooking up, hitching up, and procreating? Honestly, I’m just waiting for these two to get their own reality show. You can tell Amanda would totally be all for that and, with her reported connections to the industry, perhaps a reality show is in her future?