Big Brother 15 Amanda Zuckerman Still Bullying Elissa Slater: Ruins Her Marriage and Reputation

Big Brother 15 Amanda Zuckerman Still Bullying Elissa Slater: Ruins Her Marriage and Reputation

Amanda Zuckerman will certainly go down in history for the racial/homophobic slurs, bullying and death threats she made against the other Big Brother 15 house guests. I had hoped that Amanda’s behavior was all about extending her 15 minutes of fame inside the house, but here she is now, out of the Big Brother house and she is still bullying and trying to destroy Elissa Slater’s reputation and marriage.

In a recent podcast interview for a Big Brother gossip site and I have to admit, although it is sad and pathetic, I listened to the whole 2 1/2 hours; the interviewer starts off by saying that Amanda is incredibly inappropriate, but very charming.

The podcast makes Amanda look like a victim and Elissa look like the bully! It is just ridiculous and unbelievable that Amanda is continuing her smack talk against Elissa even outside the house. Amanda goes on to call Elissa every vile name that comes out of her mouth, says nobody liked her in the house, she didn’t belong there because she was Rachel’s sister and she was in the house to secretly ditch her husband and hook up with someone else. Yes, most of the podcast was about Elissa! The only thing Amanda owned up to in the podcast is that Big Brother production asked her to stop bullying Elissa, but she showed us in the podcast that she obviously has no plans to EVER stop.

13 responses to “Big Brother 15 Amanda Zuckerman Still Bullying Elissa Slater: Ruins Her Marriage and Reputation”

  1. MakeHerUp says:

    Wow classy broad. Elissa needs to ignore her and let her continue to paint herself the fool.

  2. HollywoodHiccups says:

    Elissa needs to kick Amanda to the curb!

  3. Robyn says:

    Anyone who lets Amanda manipulate them has to be an idiot!

  4. Steve Frank says:

    Amanda is a jew, what do you expect?

  5. tcfins says:

    Those that view her as charming haven’t seen the multiple personality side of her which was clearly displayed on the feeds (that side of her behavior was completely hidden on the network broadcasts). So here’s some food for thought: If Elissa shouldn’t have been a contestant simply because she is Rachel’s sister, than isn’t it also true that Amanda shouldn’t have been a contestant simply because she was handpicked by a former producer due to Amanda being on a previous reality show with her as was reported? And wouldn’t it then also be true that Kaitlin shouldn’t have been on the show since she was hand picked to be a contestant while she was at work, and had never even seen Big Brother before? And then wouldn’t it also be true that Amanda is herself is not only doing what she has accused Elissa of, but is going even further when she asks people to sign a petition for her to be a “walk on” to the Amazing Race? And, finally, if it’s the MVP votes that really bothered her, isn’t it then wrong that her father went on the news in Florida asking for the viewers to vote for her as MVP? Maybe she should write to Jeff P and complain that none of the contestants on this season of Survivor should be there. This girl is completely delusional.

  6. Hollowground85 says:

    Does this girl quit! Elissa has moved on to bigger and better things. B&B coming next month! Stay mad girl & fix yourself!

  7. DAd157 says:

    That ho will never own up to anything she does. I hope Elissa or her husband can sue her for defamation and slander. And yes…she DOES need that straight jacket and more meds than just her Adderal and Xanax.

  8. sickofthemall says:


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  11. MirandaWrites says:

    No question, Elissa is a class act. IMO she was doing a little bragging out of her own insecurity. That’s normal and understandable.
    I’m not making things up about Elissa. She was intentionally very cruel to Amanda over the one-piece bathing suit and McCraes birthday surprise.
    Elissa also hurt Helens feelings however, it wasn’t done intentionally.
    However annoying Elissa may have seemed to her fellow HGs, she didn’t deserve the hateful, downright nasty bashing she got from Spencer, Andy, McCrae and even Judd.

  12. bear says:

    I have never in my life seen or saw anyone as sweet and beautiful as Elissa. She is no doubt a great person. She may have not liked the bathing suit Amanda had on but then again who did and like a lot of girls today should have been told by some one instead of letting her run around on national tv looking foolish. Amanda tortured the girl and she still handled it with class. She has a special something about her that makes everyone love her and thats why she won the most liked in the house. She is beautiful in evrry way and it glows off of her.