Big Brother 2013 Preview: Season 15 Episode 17 Spoilers – Who Wins HoH!

Big Brother 2013 Preview 8/04/13: Season 15 Episode 17 Spoilers – Who Wins HoH!

Tonight Big Brother was back for another exciting episode and despite all the drama this week, Howard was evicted. The thing is, Helen is running the show and everyone is too dumb to see that. There two good things about tonight, but first lets get to the dumb; McCrae announced that he is engaged to Amanda, seriously! That has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard. These two wouldn’t know a serious committed relationship if it blew right in their faces.

Now on to the good, the HOH competition is an endurance competition where the house guests have to walk fast on a moving log while holding a rope and if they lose their balance, they are out. Two of the women in the house are into yoga, Elissa and Amanda. Thankfully, Elissa more than Amanda so I hope that she wins. Elissa is Rachel Reilly’s little sister and for all her acting all quiet in the past few weeks, if she gets HOH, she will no doubt turn this house upside down.

My bet is on Elissa to win, we need someone brave enough to make a bold move. Although, there has been a lot of stirring in the house this week, Candice’s name came up a lot and after her little house meeting where she made herself look completely stupid tonight, more house guests are leaning towards her being the next to go.

Now on to the juicy tidbits from tonight, Amanda threatened Spencer when she found out that he was campaigning against her. I wish I had Spencer’s reply on video, I would keep replaying it over and over again when he told her off by saying, “you can’t bully me and I’m not going to be your punk ass bitch in the house”. Don’t you just love Big Brother?

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