Big Rich Atlanta’s Kahdijiha Rowe Goes to Court, Ashlee Wilson-Hawn Supports National V-Day Movement! (CDL Exclusive)

Big Rich Atlanta's Kahdijiha Rowe Goes to Court, Ashlee Wilson-Hawn Supports National V-Day Movement! (CDL Exclusive)

On the morning of February 14 at around 9AM, Big Rich Atlanta star Kahdijiha Rowe was seen walking into the Fulton County Courtroom where she began her preliminary hearing regarding an aggravated battery assault felony, which she was charged with after allegedly attacking fellow BRA star Ashlee Wilson-Hawn. Rowe pled not guilty, and the trial has officially been set for sometime in July 2013. Meanwhile, Ashlee Wilson-Hawn used her morning to speak out against violence by participating in the National V-Day Movement alongside Martin Luther King’s daughter.

Ashlee feels she has been very honest in her statements regarding the reality show’s integrity and their inability to accurately portray what actually happens.

“This show is definitely 100% scripted and every scene is a set,” she tells Dishin’ The Dirt. “I am the only one on the show without my mother because they casted me as the villian AKA: “The Boss Bitch” and who doesn’t like having a little fun playing the bad girl?!? It has been huge for soap legend Susan Lucci playing bad girl Erica for decades so I thought, “Hey, why not have fun with it!”

When asked whether or not she’d be up to appearing on a second season of this show, especially after being attacked, she said, “I am not sure being on a television set that has and promotes violence is my MO.” Ashlee opens up even more about the show, about the producers, about her being attacked, as well as about her being drawn as a villain, in the interview we did with her a couple days ago. 

It really is amazing how many supposed “reality” shows rely on scripted scenes or prompted *encouraged* situations simply to cause drama and generate a viewership. Are you fans of the show? If so, please feel free to let us know how you feel about the courtroom situation surrounding both Ashlee and Kahdijiha and don’t forget to check out the exclusive pictures we have for you below!

22 responses to “Big Rich Atlanta’s Kahdijiha Rowe Goes to Court, Ashlee Wilson-Hawn Supports National V-Day Movement! (CDL Exclusive)”

  1. Jennifer says:

    So proud of Ashlee for trying to make a horrible situation into a positive one by standing up for non-violence… I just wish that Kahdijha would try to do something positive and take a stand against violence instead of just trying to justify her actions… Violence is never the answer!

    • aleeyah k says:

      I love Ashlee! I love that she is taking a STAND against violence. She is wonderful. I would encourage KD to do the same thing and apologize for bad behavior and take a stand against violence. I don’t think she ever will though.

      • Janae says:

        While you two are so proud of Ashley, let me remind you that she started the fight which was clearly seen on tv. Her touch Khadijah stomach is what started the mess. Ashley is a bully. She has a problem with Khadijah from the start because Khadijah was not a blond. So why Ashley is crying victim, maybe she will learn to keep her hands to herself.

        • brooke says:

          So if someone called you names and touched your stomach, you would pull out their hair and leave the scene when the cops showed up? Ashlee definitely started it, but Khadijah did not have to pull her hair out. They are both to blame here. Maybe KD going to jail will make her learn to keep her hands to herself as well

      • disqus_lWfsZOhbsJ says:

        Ashlee standing up against violence when she’s the 1 starting it


  2. aleeyah k says:

    Honestly, I think it’s sad that KD had to take it to another level. I hate violence. There is NEVER a time for violence. When people say, “I did what I had to do” or “I handled mine” after a fight (not that KD said those exact words) just shows how immature a person is. When people resort to physically attacking someone, their brain shuts off and they can’t articulate how they are feeling – so they attack!

  3. Trisha says:

    So proud of what Ashlee is doing. It is sad that people believe everything they see on TV. While it may seem like “reality” is really isn’t. These gals were hired to play a role on B.R.A. The producers can’t REALLY believe that people think that this is all real life! Of course it’s not like everyone is handed a word for word scrip (DUH!) but it seems as if Kahdijiha took the “acting gig” to a whole new level. Cheers Ashlee for standing up for what is right! Violence is never the answer!

  4. Shay says:

    there are 2 sides to every story and sadly we have only heard Ashlee’s side. I am not saying that KD was right by what she did but we don’t know what happened to make her go to this point so i don’t think it’s right for us to speculate on the issue. Also i do know that although i am not a violent person i would not be okay with someone coming up to me saying that Megan is better than that but not me… and then grabbing my stomach and caling me fat. Ashlee had her part in this as well so for us to try and let Ashlee be the victim is crazy. when it all boils down we will see what really happened.

  5. Roberta Lee says:

    if Ashley hadn’t poke her in her stomach calling her names while doing it then Khadijah wouldn’t have defended herself. She hit Khadijah first. She touched Khadijah’s stomach calling her jelly belly.

  6. Tiffany Lowder says:

    Oh puhleeze Ashlee wants to cry foul now but she knew from the beginning this show was scripted so she shares some blame in this. She had no right to out her hands on anybody else without their consent. Khadijah had the right to defend herself because Ashlee not only bullied but provoked her and had been doing so in past episodes. No violence is never the answer however we have only heard Ashlee’s side we do not know if Khadijah felt threatened nor her state of mind during this event everything is edited for television so of course we did not see everything. I do not see this case going that far because Ashlee signed a release and consent form and if she felt so threatened she should have had the contract voided for breach of contract on the part of BRA and she should also be sueing them. Some business woman she is Smdh

  7. This chick is a can u bully speak out on anything. I don’t like what she did and personally, if I had to go to jail. I wud have to whip her ass for real, sorry boo but I wud have had to drag THIS FAT ASS BULLY. DHATT!!!””

  8. This white trash & her trashy guest attacked kadijiha. Touching her, throwing cupcakes & drinks on her. Kadijiha defended herself. Ashlee is a b & she’s racist. She’s vindictive & did this on purpose. The proof that kadijiha was defending herself and not attacking her is right on tape. If it was me she would’ve had a black eye & a busted lip. She better be glad her hair was just ripped out & that’s it.

  9. brooke says:

    It does not matter who started it. The fact is KD pulled out Ashlee’s hair, which is considered assault. KD should have pressed charges on Ashlee if she felt she was assaulted. Also the police felt they had a case against KD. There was proof that she assaulted Ashlee. Neither had to interact with the other. Both said some horrible things, but the fact is that KD caused harm to someone. Just because someone calls you fat or pokes you does not meant that it is justified to pull out their hair.

  10. Ashlee is so ugly on the outside, it exudes on the outside. She is a mean, hateful, and spiteful person. Even after verbally attacking and degrading Khadijah the night of her party and starting the physical part of the fight by poking and prodding Khadijah’s stomach by calling her fat and a “jelly belly”…she still went on to further be a bully by going to sweet Meghan’s house and berated her and called her names just because Meghan gave her true feelings and told Ashlee that she thought Ashlee was absolutely WRONG for what she did…and that she 100% felt Ashlee antagonized and provoked Khadihah. Ashlee went on to call Meghan names after this and basically tell Meghan to “watch out” Ashlee is CLEARLY A MANIPULATIVE DEVIL that is using her ripped out weave pics and EMBELLISHED FAKE BALD RED SCALP PICS to try to make herself look like a victim, when the true.This girl need God in her life!!

  11. beckyhighwater says:

    are you all blind?! KR was provoking and pushing the entire time. She has an attitude and a big chip on her shoulder. It was Ashlee’s birthday party – why would KR even go, to start trouble! She pulled the first ‘punch’ – actions get consequences. Ashlee called her a jelly belly and KR hit her – ashlees action caused that consequence, and now KR has to pay her consequence. Keep your hands to yourself. ALSO KR is really holding up that stereotype … you know about black girls that can’t hold their anger and turn to violent pricks. Sorry KR – don’t feel bad for you and your manipulative lying ways. KR doesn’t get by me – she’s more fake than a $3 bill, lmao.

  12. beckyhighwater says:

    if ashlee is a racist does that make all you commenters ‘reverse racists’? So sick of the RACE card – get over YOURSELVES!!! it’s not ALWAYS about black and white! Jesus! Ashlee can be a b**h without being a racist. KR doesn’t like Ashlee b/c she is black and she is not comfortable with herself. Ashlee is everything that an insecure black woman would hate. that’s the truth!

  13. beckyhighwater says:

    what I am saying is that the show is obvi. heavily edited, who knows who started what for REAL – however, KR was antagonizing with intent. If she hates ashlee so much, why show up? KR was criticizing every detail about the party and being obnoxious, and trying to make a fool out of ashlee on her supposed birthday. If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen – KR threw the first ‘punch’ – it is what it is.

  14. GiGi says:

    Wow are you kidding me?? Everyone wants to defend Ashlee and feel sorry for her, don’t.. Ashlee put her hands on KR that’s assault. KR defended herself. Ashlee actions had a reaction. And wants to play the victim!!!!!! Right is right, wrong is wrong… Ashlee has taunted and bullied KR since the beginning, Ashlee is manipulative,hateful,evil and a bully … maybe next time Ashlee will keep her hands to herself… point blank period..

  15. Nelly says:

    ashlee is a bitch enough said sending someone to jail can ruin there whole life and then sit down and laugh at it is cruel

  16. Shereen says:

    Why bother!! She pulled just her hair!! She didnt even fight with ashlee! Ashlee’s whole face is fake! So does her Side of this thing….
    Khadija your awwesome ,u handled that cunt!!