Biggest Loser’s Francelina Morillo Finds Crazy Big Time Love with Fellow Contestant Jeff Nichols!

Biggest Loser's Francelina Morillo Finds Crazy Big Time Love with Fellow Contestant Jeff Nichols!

Most people go onto the Biggest Loser expecting to shed a few pounds, but most people don’t show up to the reality competition expecting to find love! Well, Francelina Morillo and fellow contestant Jeff Nichols have found just that. While Morillo might have lost her chance to win this season of the weight loss competition, she’s gained something great out of the deal: Love! Morillo tells People that her and Jeff have something truly special and that she shares an incredible bond with him.

“We have something special. I have found a bond with him that I haven’t had with anyone else. It’s like a mirror when I look at him. You get to see the person at their worst and you see them blossom and grow and become this better version of themselves. You learn to appreciate and admire them in a different way.”

Morillo, who is 26, was recently sent home after a weigh in. However, despite the bittersweet farewell, she’s confident that she gained the necessary tools to lead a much healthier lifestyle.

“I knew I had gathered the tools in there that I needed to survive in the real world,” Morillo says of her tearful sendoff. “I’ve learned I can do this for the rest of my life and that I can keep the weight off – which is my ultimate goal.”We balance each other out. He has the nutrition down pat and I am an exercise junky,” Morillo says about working out with Nichols, “It’s just so much easier when you have the support of somebody else that knows exactly what you’re going through.”

She currently has her eyes set on the at-home prize worth $100,000. Not too shabby. I bet she’d love to win that, and we wish her all the best and luck in the world as she works toward her goals!

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