Bill Nye Disappointed With Dancing With The Stars Debut Lowest Judges Score

Bill Nye Disappointed With Dancing With The Stars Debut

Bill Nye, the former Science Guy, debuted on Dancing with the Stars with partner Tyne Stecklein, although they earned the lowest scores out of all the couples.

Bill spoke to People after the performance, saying that he felt disappointed he didn’t do better. He explained, “I’m disappointed and I think that’s normal [to feel that way]. I’m disappointed in myself and just, things. But what are you going to do?” 

He and Tyne earned 14 points out of 30 points for their cha cha dance, but I think he’s being far too hard on himself. He’s a science genius and a TV host, not a dancer. Dancing with the Stars is difficult enough for young people in their prime, so it must have put a tremendous strain on Bill.

Bill Nye Disappointed With Dancing With The Stars Debut

Bill does add that he’s positive about his future on the show and not letting his scores get him down, saying, “They don’t care about you when you’re on top. They care about you when you come back. Watch out, next week, paso doble. People don’t regret what they do. They regret what they don’t do. I can’t let Tyne down.”

That’s a great way to put it and a really positive spin on what was probably a very demoralizing experience. Although Tyne thought the judges were harsh on Bill, it seems like Bill’s not going to let that stop him from trying his best – and kudos to him for that.

However, I do have a feeling that some of the judges are already biased about their favorites, and I don’t think Bill’s odds in the long run are all that bright.

Did you guys watch the couples’ debut performances on Dancing with the Stars? And if you did, what did you think of Bill’s performance with Tyne? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • Angel 2009

    Poor Bill, he did his best but he has no talent for dancing.