Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Already Fighting Over Children – On The Verge Of A Breakup?

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Already Fighting – On The Verge Of A Breakup?

A new report from Star states that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are already fighting non-stop, less than a year into their marriage. Lively and Reynolds met on the set of ‘The Green Lantern’, but their romance didn’t really spark until several years later, after Reynolds broke off his first wedding to Scarlett Johansson. While many were originally predicting another quick divorce for Reynolds and Lively, all the reports coming from their camp seemed to reinforce that the duo are living a picturesque married life – until now.

Star claims that Blake’s angry with Ryan because he’s not able to turn off the television. Star’s ‘source’ says, “Blake has had it with the time her man spends in front of the tube. He watches 50 hours a week. They are not going to have kids until he kicks his habit.” This source adds, “It’s a serious issue for them. They got married so fast that they didn’t have time to find out stuff like this.”

As much as I hate to turn down good gossip, this is ridiculous. Ryan Reynolds is a working actor, and he’s barely home enough to be watching TV, much less seven hours of it. Also, if Ryan and Blake were actually fighting, I can guarantee it wouldn’t be about television. No, it would probably have a lot more to do with Blake calling the paparazzi to capture ‘candid’ pictures of her and Ryan.

Of course, Blake’s famewhorey tendencies have reduced drastically since her marriage – at least, in public. Think about this – she got papped almost every week when she was going out with Leonardo DiCaprio, possibly one of the most paparazzi shy actors around. However, after getting married to Ryan, there were a few pap shots early in their relationship and then – nothing.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that Blake’s got game, y’all. She isn’t going to let a little bit of television get in the way of her relationship. Right now, a baby’s probably the next step and then – maybe her career? Her own business? Goodness knows what her goals are, considering that her aim to be an A-list actress has pretty much failed after the industry realized that she’s not a very talented actress [i.e. after Green Lantern and Savages both tanked].

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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6 responses to “Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Already Fighting Over Children – On The Verge Of A Breakup?”

  1. Lynda Okoro says:

    You are ridiculous and very very stupid. I’m embarrased for you for this website.

    call this girl a famewhore when looking at her profile lets be honest
    she has no need to call the paps for them to be interested in her. No
    need at all.

    And the over the years you can count the amount of
    times you see candids of her on the street like others. She rarely gets
    pictured on her daily business – gym, shops, outings anything, she
    rarely goes to events unless its personal to her, hasn’t been to fashion
    weeks for years despite the fact that she is close with Chanel and the
    face of Gucci – seriously unless you are too stupid to understand the
    face of Gucci hardly needs to wait to be invited to fashion events. And
    this has been going on even before Ryan. The exact opposite of a
    famewhore that loves the attention.

    Heck even with
    Leo they were hardly papped daily, except for when they were in Europe
    at events. I mean you see for example a couple like Nina Dobrev/Ian that
    get pictured so much and you have the audacity to bash Blake in

    One thing I can guarantee you is that Blake Lively
    hardly has failed career, she has barely started it. Her filmography is
    barely over 10 films and that will only continue. For your info, last
    year she said that she would take a break from acting as for the past
    six years she has worked double duty on a tv show and a film every
    summer/autumn. She has a very good profile for an upcoming actress.

  2. Lynda Okoro says:

    Oh by the way any actress that gets acclaimed by critics for her roles is week.Heck maybe even if you were too lazy to do any research all it will take is looking at the Savages wiki and see that she has praised for her acting in it. Or the acclaim she got for The Town and the San Diego Critics nominated her for best supporting actress for it. Or the good reviews she got for Pippa Lee, or even her acting in Hick. No one that gets all that good word is going to be weak or short for work.

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  4. MilicaH says:

    The whole article is ludicrous, especially the absurd comments by the writer who I presume is beautiful and talented, in bitching maybe!!!!

  5. Guest says:

    What a catty write up.
    All actresses have hits and misses in their careers that’s the way it goes. They still work.
    There were also many pics of ‘papparazi shy’ Leo Dicaprio with his subsequent girlfriend Erin Heatherton. W
    Was that Blake’s fault?

    We have also had a torrent of Leo and Bradley Cooper pics sunbathing checking out babes in Miami e.t.c Did Blake call that too?
    Stay pressed

  6. carrie says:

    there was Leo dicaprio at Cannes ‘pics before Blake Lively ‘s date.Since she’s with Reynolds,she’s very low-key(she never was a party girl) and she’s decent in PIPPA LEE (she’s too young for her character in THE TOWN in my opinion)