Blake Shelton Admits Cheating and Flirting – Miranda Lambert Won’t Let Him Go (Photo)

Blake Shelton Admits Cheating and Flirting - Miranda Lambert Won't Let Him Go (Photo)

Country singer and The Voice coach Blake Shelton is featured on the cover of the latest edition of Us Weekly. Has Blake been skeeving around behind his wife Miranda Lambert’s back? Let’s hope not!

Blake and Miranda are both on the cover of the tabloid and it appears that he’s been flirting with other women. Even worse, it would appear that there are rumors of his cheating on her, as well. She better keep a good eye on her man!

But who has Blake been flirting with? Could it be his co-worker on The Voice, Shakira? She’s pretty and unavailable, but that wouldn’t stop him from trying, would it?

Blake Shelton Admits Cheating and Flirting - Miranda Lambert Won't Let Him Go (Photo)

Despite all of the rumors of his cheating ways, Miranda has chosen to stand by her man. The magazine reports that Miranda has said that divorce is not an option. Why not? Blake is rich, talented, on television and he’s not a bad looking guy to boot. Why would she want to let him go?

But don’t think that she’s going to let him off scott-free. She’s keeping a close watch on his emails and phone calls! Does he deserve to be watched like she is or are the tabloids reading too much into his flirting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  • They act like Blake’s wife isn’t a star. Blake’s wife is famous, rich and talented too.

  • If he is cheating I highly doubt that Miranda will leave him. She strikes me as the type that will just turn a blind eye to his trysts and indiscretions. Out of sight, out of mind so to speak. Personally I don’t think that Blake is cheating. He just doesn’t strike me as the type, but neither did Tiger Woods. And we all know how that ended up. If Miranda is checking his phone to see who has called and checking his emails then there is a reason. There is more to the story. That means that some form of trust and honesty has already been broken.

    • gente_chupa

      Ummm… he cheated on his first wife WITH Miranda.

  • Emily

    He didn’t cheat in his first wife with Miranda, he and Miranda had just met when he was going through his divorce. They didn start dating until after his divorce was final and he was sure he could handle a relationship. Do your homework before you start accusing people o things.

    • happy hearthstone

      Everyone should keep their nose in their own business! It’s hard enough for stars to have somewhat of a normal relationship, so unless you know, personally, what’s going on between them…shut-up!