Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert’s Distrustful Marriage: Will She Cheat on Him with Dierks Bentley?

Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert's Distrustful Marriage: Will She Cheat on Him with Dierks Bentley?

We always hear about Blake Shelton‘s notorious wandering eye. We see him flirt with chicks every chance he gets and let’s face it, that’s part of Blake’s charm. He likes women and knows how to flirt and interact with them. The last few months have been rocky for him and his wife, Miranda Lambert. Blake supposedly got a little too close to his much younger protege, Cady Groves, and that led to a mountain of bad press. Miranda coming out admitting that she checks her husbands’ phone didn’t help much either. It just proved that there are serious trust issues between them.

But here’s the thing, does Blake check Miranda’s phone too? Apparently the infidelity and distrust is on both sides! Four months after getting engaged back in 2010, Miranda was out on the road for her Revolution tour and she made a complete ass out of herself. Being engaged didn’t stop her from trying to hook up with opening act star, Eric Church. He really liked Miranda but made it clear that he loved his wife. The situation became so ridiculous that he actually threw her off his bus a few times because she couldn’t keep her hands to herself. Blake may come with a lot of question marks but it was Miranda’s actions towards Eric that prompted the postponement of sending out wedding invitations.

According to the June 10th print edition of Life & Style Blake is really worried that history will repeat itself with Miranda being on the road again. This time she’s touring with Dierks Bentley and the two have a long history and tons of chemistry that Blake fears will turn into something else.

Do you think Miranda would cheat on Blake at this point in their marriage? Do you think their union is going to last much longer? The pressure has to be taking a real toll! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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