Brad Pitt Bullying Residents and Destroying Beach Environment – His Neighbors Are Afraid of Him

Brad Pitt Bullying Residents and Destroying Beach Environment - His Neighbors Are Scared of Him

Brad Pitt has recently come under fire. What for? Apparently his friendly neighbors, some Santa Barbara locales, have come out publicly complain about both Brad’s parenting skills and how he’s destroying the environment.  Surprisingly enough both complaints were issued when he took his kids motorbiking along the beach coast.

Brad, who has always been a bike enthusiast  has decided to share that passion with his older boys. Just one little problem with all of that father/son bonding; it’s illegal. So how did the World War Z star manage to do it. Well if you’re rich and famous; laws don’t seem to apply to you. Oh wait there’s more. Why are the locales coming out now? One of the main reason his neighbors have taken to going public is because when the family’s security team has been known to bully others away from the state owned public beach when its occupied by the family.  The destruction of the yet another coastline, that just happens to be a protected habitat,  was the final straw.

According to RadarOnline; “neighbors would only speak on the condition of anonymity because of a fear of reprisal if they criticized the high-powered family.” With everyone scared of them, the only option left to the every day citizen is to report the family to the officials.

“Brad Putt treats neighbors as if it is his beach now and he’s been bullying everyone. He’s pi**ed them all off. Maybe it’s time that Mr. Pitt gets a visit from the county.”

What I can’t help but to think of the situation is that it’s so similar to almost a crime family. Look at it from this perspective. The family has the whole neighborhood terrified to the point that they’ll only speak anonymously. Despite previous complaints, the state officials are either never notified or choose to ignore what the Jolie-Pitt family has been doing. Also the family’s blatantly taken high gas guzzlers onto a public beach. Never mind the fact that their teaching this to their kids. If anything Social Services should have been called when Brad let his son Knox (4) drive the motor car. It almost look like they’re untouchable. How HELL did this happen?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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  • boho moth

    What a douche. Little men bully.

  • parischic

    he ain’t wearin’ his elevator shoes …muahahahaa