Brad Pitt Calls and Comforts Jennifer Aniston After Split With Justin Theroux

Brad Pitt Calls and Comforts Jennifer Aniston After Split With Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston is going through yet another low point in her life, newly single just in time for the holidays with precious little to pull her out of her misery. We have already told you in detail about her split from Justin Theroux. The two began drifting apart months ago and now are convienently living and working on opposite coasts. The writing really had been on the wall once they started stalling about making wedding plans. It became obvious fairly quickly that there was never going to be a wedding, once again crushing Jen’s hopes for babies and a happily ever after.

According to the Dec. 9th print edition of OK! Magazine Jen has found support in a totally unexpected place. Instead of turning to her closest gal pals to get her through this rough patch, Jen supposedly responded to Brad Pitt when he recently reached out to her. Her former husband still knows her better than most anyone else and supposedly felt bad to see her hurting again, bad enough to reach out? Well, supposedly they had a 40 minute phone call and swapped a few days worth of texts until Jen was feeling a little less shaky about her personal life.

Do you think that Brad would really risk life and limb to reach out to his ex? Wouldn’t his current flame, Angelina Jolie go absolutely ballistic if she were to learn that the former love birds were in contact? Do you think Jen would even accept support from the man who so publicly embarrassed her? I’m just not sure that I’m buying this one. I suspect Justin, Brad and all of Jen’s other exes are likely lumped together in a pile of men that she wishes that she didn’t waste her time on, don’t you think? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • DuchessLazy

    You cant keep something you haven’t got. Brad outgrew Jennifer and Angelina is his soul mate. Jennifer was just a mistake on his way to Angelina.
    I’ve seen Jennifer in interviews, she’s stunningly boring and self centered. And kind of a low-vibration person, not a higher type.
    I also think she’s bi {more bi than Angelina is} and is happy to be single, it gives her more time with her “girlfriends”.
    It might give you comfort to think that Brad stays with Angelina because of the kids, but I highly doubt he’d sacrifice his life when he could get 50-50 custody.
    Brad and Angelina are are in love — a hard concept for any Aniston fan I’m sure. Angelina is an A-list actress, {unlike Aniston}, a tireless worker in helping others {unlike Aniston}, very beautiful {unlike Aniston}, has a good personality, {unlike Aniston}, and really does want to be a mother {unlike Aniston}. And she keeps Brad happy {unlike Aniston}.

  • Em

    i love this photo of Brad and Jen …. Bet the freak wishes Brad would look at her like that!!

  • Friday

    This is an old picture. Jen got her hair cut short a couple of weeks ago.

  • ladynai

    Come on. Even when Brad was with Jen, I told a friend, “I just don’t see them together.” Why? He’d got an edginess to him; he’s sensuous. I have some inside info from his acting teacher who told us about him studying early on…he just naturally exudes that instinct for sensuousness. While Jen is a comedic actress, blander, sweeter, always bemoaning her family drama in interviews. Besides, he was looking for a new girlfriend when he was fixed up with Aniston by a common manager. OTOH, he met Angelina on a shoot. They seem more matched in personality and career. Besides, she uplifted him, inspiring him to quit smoking and delve into humanitarian work. Besides, she already started a family by adopting, which led to Billy Bob stepping aside, so she really wanted to be a mother – not career driven to put it off. I vote for the soul mates finding each other and, without children to complicate it, he went for it. I think they’re a match.

  • carolhoousendov

    Please Jen could not touch Angelina if you gave her a pole. No man leaves a woman that they love. She still cannot find a man. How she got in pictures I will never understand she is just plain. I hear she is a nice girl maybe too nice men like bad girls in bed.

  • Super Rad

    Maybe its the “pile of men” that are sorry they wasted their time on her? Maybe shes the problem not the men? You people are stupid

  • Imane Assi

    Only in your head because she’s the one ending the relationships..Let me remind you that after her divorce she was looking for flings.nothing serious.With Vince she was on rebound,he proposed she ended it.With John he was emotionally unstable,she was having fun,nothing else..So the SHE CANT KEEP A MAN crap isPURE CRAP..Brad wanted an open relationship(like the one he has with Angelina now),she wanted when he cheated ,she divorced him..She’s a normal,classy,down to earth woman….She makes bad choices in men but there is nothing wrong with her.Angeliba got dumped by more men Jennofer ever dated.No one is accusing Clooney of not being able to keep a woman…so get the of Jennifer’s back already…She’s,talented…she can enjoy a single life without having you on constantly on her back.

  • Yousef

    It’s so easy to spot the bull shit this blog is cooking, the pic is old and their clothes suggest they are in the 90s

  • Jack Ballenger

    Jen lost ANOTHER man? Shocking. (Sarcasm) Brad can be a friend to Jen. Angelina has nothing to worry about. Jen just wants to continue her Pity Party for another decade to keep her somewhat relevant while her movies bomb.

  • DannyG22

    Angie went to college??? HA! What a joke! The dumb cow didn’t even finish high school! She left a remedial high school at 16 and said she tested out, which really means she just dropped out!

  • DannyG22

    Angelina’s been thru half the men in Hollywood and already married 3 times, so who exactly has the issues with men????????

    • MimiGG

      Now now Dannyboy or Jen Hen whoever you are…1/2 the men in Hollywood is a stretch don’t you think? But at least they love and want her enough to put a ring on her finger and marry her. XO
      TRUTH: Jennifer would have gone the way of Lisa Kudrow by now had it not been for Brad, she needs to go away now adopt the 20 cats.

  • Alan Rolfo

    You are the stupid one. It is irresponsible to children to make a selfish choice of raising a child without both gender parents. Chidlren need the influence of both in order to adjust in a healthy way, or else they become damaged adults.

  • bebe

    Jen won’t have a baby becasue she can’t get off the steroids.