Brandi Glanville Has A New Man, No Time For LeAnn Rimes Feud Anymore

Brandi Glanville Has A New Man, No Time For LeAnn Rimes Feud Anymore 0422

Is that all it took? All Brandi Glanville needed was a hot and steady for the LeAnn Rimes feud to be dunzo for good? Hell, if LeAnn knew that she probably would have tried hooking Brandi up with every country singer working the circuit. But, then again, is it kosher to accept blind dates from the woman who stole your husband and wrecked your family? Probably not.

So who is this mystery man? We know Brandi  likes ’em tall, dark and handsome but she’s giving no other details. What the hell Brandi?! You tell us all the other crazy shit going on in your life. Fill us in! But for once Brandi is apparently keeping it close to the vest. She’s letting all her fans know she’s off the market but says the relationship is super new and she doesn’t want to expose the poor dude just yet. I’m sensing we’ll probably meet him on the upcoming season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

I can take a happy Brandi. She’s due. But no more hatin’ on LeAnn? I don’t know how I feel about that. It gave me so much happiness! The bickering and backstabbing was just too much fun! Brandi has mentioned she’s done speaking out about the gruesome twosome but I’m sure LeAnn and Eddie Cibrian will do something to piss her off in the near future. There are constants in life. The sun will always rise in the east and LeAnn Rimes will always say something to piss off Brandi Glanville. Detentes are for countries – not reality stars. Fighting is what keeps them relevant and LeAnn and Eddie are pitching show ideas as we speak so they’ll need some publicity to help move things along. Brandi Glanville’s boyfriend may be good for the heart but he could be bad for business!


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  • I hope Brandi found a great guy who will treat her wonderfully and not cheat, I also hope it makes Eddie jealous so he leaves Leann and makes her snap so she goes back to the looney bin where she belongs…

  • I hope he already has HPV, because if he doesnt the poor guy does now.

  • Ya know, everyone blames Leanne for wrecking the marriage. As a jilted wife, it takes 2. She should have stayed away from a married man, and he should have kept his penis at home all the time!

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  • Trish Rawlings

    You can’t put a dent in a “Good Marriage”. There had to have been problems in both of their marriages if they were seeking companionship elsewhere. If their first marriages had been strong, then neither one of them would have been tempted to cheat.