Brandi Glanville’s Second Book: Fifty Shades of Grey With LeAnn Rimes!

Brandi Glanville’s Second Book: Fifty Shades of Grey With LeAnn Rimes!

Brandi Glanville’s first book did wonders for her career and wealth, so of course she was going to come up with a second book any day now. And come up with a second book, she did.  Brandi teased that she was getting ready to write a proposal for a ‘raunchy’ and ‘dirty’ second book today.

She revealed on her twitter this morning, “Writing proposal for book number 2! Boy do I have a dirty mind!!! #gonnaberaunchy.”

So we go from tell-all to dirty in a span of a year, do we? Anything Brandi has to do to keep the money train rolling a little while longer.

Brandi’sfirst book, a ‘scandalous tell-all’ as she described it, debuted on the bestseller list. Why? Because all the people who like watching ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ decided that a fake/real TV show wasn’t enough, but they wanted to kill even more of their brain cells by reading Brandi’s ‘Drinking & Tweeting and other Brandi blunders.’

The book merely served as a vessel to serve up some revenge to her arch-nemesis Leann Rimes, who if you didn’t know, Brandi’s husband left her for.   I wish I could tell you that the book was a good read, but that would mean I would actually have to read it, and I refuse to provide any more money to this attention seeking reality ‘star’.

Either way, now that Lifetime has announced that they are making a film adaptation of this acclaimed novel, Brandi has decided to cash in as much as possible before her the expiration date on her fame. Since her ‘feud’ with Leann Rimes is all but spent out through exhaustive coverage on the Real Housewives, her book, and now the upcoming film, she has to resort to the only other thing that will sell: sex.

Anyone who saw Brandi at the Oscars should immediately recoil in horror at the thought of seeing Brandi and ‘dirty’ in the same sentence, but for some reason, her tweet ended up gaining a huge amount of interest and no doubt gave Brandi a misinformed sense that people will be looking forward to her book.

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  • The book is at the top of the NYTs Bestsellers List.

    The above “writer” will never be.

  • “huge amount of interest”?? it got 33 retweets.
    LMAOOO who wrote this?

  • Ms. Riley, please keep in mind that said “misinformed sense” is actually based on the fact (which you even pointed out) that her first book not only made it, but it still remains in the NYT’s Bestsellers List. Your mediocre attempt at bashing this girl with this article completely defeats your purpose of refusing to bring more attention and ultimately more $$ to this reality ‘star’. If you ask me, EVERY person in this types of shows is considered what you refer to as a reality ‘star’ just as much as you can be referred to as a gainfully employed ‘journalist’, so please quit trying to insinuate Brandi is not one, because last time I checked she was still working for Bravo. Though entertaining, I find your article to be kind of hypocritical, mixed with a bit of jealous undertones.