Breaking Bad RECAP 8/18/13: Season 5 Episode 10 “Buried”

Breaking Bad RECAP 8/18/13: Season 5 Episode 10 “Buried”

Tonight on AMC BREAKING BAD continues with another exciting episode.  Tonight’s episode is called, “Buried”  and on tonight’s show Jesse continues to struggle with his guilt.  Did you watch last week’s summer premiere?  If you want to catch up before tonight’s show, we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you!

On last week’s show Walt and Jesse were adjusting to life finally out of the business.  Meanwhile Hank finally realized that Walt was the W.W. he has been looking for and he struggle with what to do.  He cannot act on his information immediately he is going to have to build a case against Walt.

On tonight’s show Jesse continues to struggle with his guilt.  Also what is going to play a part in this week’s episode is Lydia.  On episode 9 last week Lydia stopped by the car wash and tried to get Walt to come back and cook, she lied that the quality was not the same, at the time Walk told her it was not  his problem. Will Walt be eliminating Lydia to cover up his tracks? Hank starts to realize that he could be the man that catches Heisenberg.  Skyler’s past catches up with her.

Celeb Dirty Laundry will be covering all the drama of this final season and you don’t want to miss this highly acclaimed television show featuring these top-notch actors. Prepare for the final Breaking Bad sprint to the finish line and join us each week for our live recap of Breaking Bad at 8PM EST!  If you are curious what is going to happen tonight we have a sneak peek video and some spoilers for your enjoyment right here.

RECAP: We see some old man leave his house, he walks on over to his car and starts the engine. He sees something and gets out after the headlights go on; he sees a bunch of cash and can’t believe it when he sees more down the street. The old man goes walking and picks up the wads of cash one after the other; he sees some lights coming from a ditch. He walks on over to find a car that crashed into a swing set; it’s Jesse’s car and all the money is left inside the car in a bag. Jesse is just lying down on this children’s spinning ride  in the park slowly, going round and round as the old man walks up to him.

Walter walks out of Hanks garage and looks back; the two have a staring competition until Hank shuts the garage door again. Walter is rushing to call Skyler, but of course he can’t egt a hold of her because he notices that Hank has called Skyler. Skyler is ignoring Walter’s call as he rushes into the car wash and finds out that she is gone; the employee there tells Walter she just left.

Skyler went to go and see Hank at some restaurant; Skyler sees him and goes to sit down with him. Hank gives her a hug and they sit down. He just can’t believe it; he thinks so much makes sense right now and realizes why she jumped in the pool and sent them the kids. He calls Walter a monster, he starts asking if Walter abused her or threatened her. He tells her to be honest with him because of all the lives Walter has destroyed, he tells her the kids and her can move to their house.

He asks Skyler to tell him everything she can about Walter; he puts down a voice recorder to get it all. Skyler asks if they have to do it now, Hank mentions that he needs something to bring to his people to get a conviction. Hank then tells Skyler that Walter has cancer again; Hank questions if it’s even true. He then tells Skyler that Walter told him that before he ever proves he is Heisenberg, he’ll be dead.

Skyler asks to maybe bring in a lawyer, Hank doesn’t see why she’d do that when she can just tell him everything; he lets her know it is in her best interest to show the world she has nothing to hide.

Hank says that nobody is more important to him in the world than her sister and that it is in her best interest once again; Skyler says that what he wants is to get Walter at all costs. Hank tells her to get the kids and go to his house; she then asks if she is under arrest. Hank says that she isn’t thinking straight, she then starts screaming in the diner over and over again “am I under arrest” and rushes out.

Saul’s goons go and find all of Walter’s money inside the locker; one of them just goes and lies down on the money. The other one then does the same and they lay together on the pile of cash. Saul tries to call Jesse and tells him to bring the money, Walter gets a call from Skyler and Saul tells him to not take it because it is probably traced. Saul tells him to take out the batter and he does just that, Saul then says that she has no evidence of what he’s done. Walter says that Hank knows and that there’s nothing to do about it; Saul tells him to maybe send him on a trip just like Mike.

Walter then says that Hank is family and he couldn’t consider killing him, someone knocks on Saul’s door and he goes to answer it; his goons are back and Walter follows them outside to a van full of money in large plastic barrels. Walter tells them that he is fine with it all, he comes out and gives Saul a large bag full of it. Walter tells Saul to find Jesse and drives off.

We see Walter driving the van out in the middle of nowhere, he gets off the road and parks the van. He takes a pick axe and a shovel then starts digging.

Skyler then calls Saul but the receptionist won’t tell her anything about Saul or Walter; Skyler has someone at the door and notices that it is Hank and Marie. Marie begs to be let in, Skyler accepts Marie and says not to let Hank getting in. Marie asks if Hank is crazy and begs for some sort of clarification. Skyler then tells Marie nothing but looks really sad, Marie takes it as a dead giveaway. She asks when she knew and Skyler says nothing but Marie can tell from her face expressions that she knew for a long time and that she lied about the gambling.

Skyler tells Marie that she is so sorry, Marie then goes and slaps her in the face and then tells her that she won’t talk to Hank because she believes Walt will get away with it. Marie leaves and takes the baby with her, Skyler says to give her back; she goes to the window and Hank runs on over. Skyler starts getting angry, Hank then tells Marie to put the baby down and hand her over to Skyler; the baby is crying a lot. Marie hand the baby over and leaves the house; Hank gives Skyler a look and then leaves.

Hank and Marie are in the car now, she tells Hank that he has to get Walter. The two then drive off from the house.

Walter is still digging out in the middle of nowhere, it then turns dark out and he buries all of his cash. He then goes and marks the geographic coordinates with his phone to make sure where he can find his money next time. We also see a lottery ticket with numbers on it. Walter is at home now in his kitchen, Skyler comes out of her room and whispers for him; she asks where he’s been wondering what happened. Walter won’t answer her and is covered in dirt; she then figures out he must have buried the money. She asks him if he got her messages; but still he won’t answer. He all of a sudden drops and hits the floor; Skyler is nursing him on the floor.Later, he asks how long he’s been out and she says almost 4 hours.

Skyler then says if it is true that his cancer is back, Walter then asks if it makes her happy. He then asks her to promise him one thing, he tells her to never give them the money. She then asks how Hank found out, Walter then says it was his fault; that he screwed up. Skyler then says the way Hank talks is that he has his suspicions and not much else, she tells him he can’t give himself up. She says it is maybe their best move is to stay quiet.

In an unusual meeting place we see a truck pull up, inside is Lydia and the guy had her blind folded; he tells her to take it off. She gets out the truck and goes to see these three men, she asks why everything is going so wrong. The guy asks why she’s going to do this, she offers to help. They lead her to some hatch on the ground and tell her to get in, Lydia climbs down the hole and the men show her their lab. She says it is filthy and asks if it’s even close to Heisenberg, she says that the quality is below average and that she can’t sell this. She tells them to use Todd because he worked with Heisenberg before; the guy doesn’t trust Todd so therefore doesn’t want him. A guy above says they have a problem and that she should stay down there. Lydia takes out her phone and then ducks down in one place and hears gun shots above; the bullets stop and the hatch is opened. A guy asks if she’s fine and she doesn’t answer, she just gets up slowly and goes to look up; it’s Todd. He tells her it is safe to come up and she says she doesn’t want to see, he tells her to close her eyes. Todd helps her out of the hole and leads her away through all the corpses.

One guy is left moving on the ground and one of the guy walks on over and shoot shim in the head, the guys take all the equipment from the hole in the ground.

Hank is looking through the files again and Marie is there, he asks if she is going to work and she asks if he’s kidding. She asks if he will go to the office, she tells him that he has to tell them; he says that he has no proof at all. She says he has enough to believe his story, he says no; he says the day he goes in with it is the last day of his career. He says if he goes in there then he’s bringing proof, he wants to be the man who caught him. She then asks what if they catch Walt first.

Hank goes to the office and just sits down in his office, Ramirez walks in and tells him that he has a meeting soon. Hank asks to get it pushed further and instead they get a conference call. Ramirez mentions a money thing about Jesse Pinkman, he is in custody and being questioned about it all. Jesse is just ignoring them completely not saying a single word, they asks him if he wants anything and he just sits there doing nothing. Hank then mentions he has history with Jesse and would believe that it could help him, he thinks he can get Jesse talking. They accept his offer and Hank walks in.