Brittany Murphy Died as a Result of Tainted, Poisoned Drugs? New Toxicology Reports Reveal All!

Brittany Murphy Died as a Result of Tainted, Poisoned Drugs? New Toxicology Reports Reveal All!

While many people accept the fact that Brittany Murphy died as a result of a prescription drug overdose (mixed with over-the-counter meds and a pneumonia), new toxicology reports reveal that she may have been exposed to tainted drugs, which were prevalent in the L.A. scene around the time of her death. Meth and other drugs, such as cocaine, laced with chemicals (like rat poison) are known to cause potentially disastrous effects in their users — as the mix of chemicals can, obviously, be fatal.

Her father, Angelo Bertolotti, commissioned his daughter’s samples to be tested again. The reports concluded that there were high levels of barium, an element found in rat poison. Angelo now believes that his daughter was poisoned by a third party and is claiming that the police did not adequately investigate her death — and is demanding her case be reopened.

However, there are people who are skeptical of these samples, including forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden. He tells Page 6“If the hair was taken at the time of the autopsy and then kept at the coroner’s office for four years, finding the heavy metals can all be an artifact . . . from the container in which it was kept,” he says, adding that the results are “interesting, but do not demonstrate criminality or cause of death.”

What do you think of these recent developments? Do you agree with Angelo’s assumptions? Or do you side with the two other perspectives: contaminated samples (therefore rendering them inconclusive) or tainted drugs?

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4 responses to “Brittany Murphy Died as a Result of Tainted, Poisoned Drugs? New Toxicology Reports Reveal All!”

  1. allie says:

    Her death has always bothered me. There’s more to it, and I sure hope she wasn’t murdered.

    • Nick S. says:

      Yeah, I’m not sure what to think either. It’s always been one of those weird celeb deaths. But hopefully they’ll keep investigating!

  2. Cindy M. says:

    I think Her AND Her Husband were poisoned because he died basically RIGHT AFTER She did, COINCIDENCE??? I THINK NOT!!! They KNEW something…

  3. SickofallthaBS says:

    Omg I always had a BAD feeling about her death & Tha death of her lover so quickly after !?! I have read many websites about her death & about how her phone lines where tapped helicopters flying above all Tha time, peeping Toms peering thru her windows & how she feared even being @ her OWN home where u should feel Tha safest as a “star” being chased after daily & having their personal lives ripped to shreds by people that do not even know U !?! “AS IF” tha paps wasn’t bad enough now to hear that after she (BM) sided & backed up a government whistle blower she & Tha 1 other person that lived it all with her whre both found dead of Tha same cause come ON anybody should b able to see foul play can we say yet another “government cover-up” hint hint Marilyn Monroe anybody ?????