Brooke Mueller To Check Charlie Sheen’s Twins For Fetal Drug and Alcohol Syndrome After Denise Richards’ Complaints

Brooke Mueller To Check Charlie Sheen's Twins For Fetal Drug and Alcohol Syndrome After Denise Richards' Complaints

Was it a surprise when Denise Richards decided to give up custody of ex Charlie Sheen‘s two twin boys with Brooke Mueller? Yes, of course. I think everyone reacted in shock when it was initially reported, because Denise had to know that giving up custody of them would mean the possibility of them returning to their crazy mother. But of course, once the letter that Denise wrote to Child Services leaked, it made much more sense.

There’s only so much she can do at the sacrifice of her own children, and it was clear that she truly believed that something was wrong with the twins. At such a young age, such violence and pleasure towards violence isn’t normal – for anybody. The report included details on how the boys would constantly haze Denise’s daughters, beat up animals, and generally hurt other living things just for the pleasure of it.

So why did they turn out this way? According to a new report from Radar Online, it could be because of Brooke’s horrible habits when she was pregnant. Well, duh.

Apparently, Brooke has agreed to test the boys for fetal alcohol and drug syndrome, with a source explaining, “Brooke did indeed also drink large amounts of alcohol while pregnant. This was on top of the drug use which included meth. Brooke sign off on having the boys tested and assessed for fetal drug and alcohol syndrome. Denise’s (who served as the twins temporary guardian for seven months) letter outlining the disturbing and violent behavior of Bob and Max prompted the agency [Department of Child and Family Services] to force the issue because Brooke had been steadfastly against it in the past. The good news is that they will now be properly tested, and monitored.”

Good god – she drank alcohol and took meth during her pregnancy, and she now has custody of her children again. This is how screwed up the court system in California is – a woman who willingly and knowingly did all that to her unborn children, and god knows what else after they were born, once again has responsibility of their livelihoods. Was the judge on crack?!

It’s likely that if this report is true, the results will come back with some indication of something wrong. A mother cannot participate in such excessive drug and alcohol binges during pregnancy without it having any effect on the fetuses. Poor kids. Now, they might be saddled with issues for the rest of their lives based on decisions that they had no control over.

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