Bryan Ferry and Wife, Amanda Shepard, Separate After 19 Months of Marriage – She Used To Date Bryan’s Son!!

Bryan Ferry and Wife Amanda Shepard Separate After 19 Months of Marriage

Bryan Ferry a man who’s well known for being an English musician, singer and for being the lead vocalist and songwriter for the band Roxy Music has separated from his young wife after 19 months of being married. Bryan’s at the age of 67 married a woman by the name of Amanda Shepard who’s currently 30 years old; she’s three decades and seven years younger than him, recently they’ve separated and there’s no surprise from it either.

It turns out that Bryan Ferry was introduced to Amanda Shepard by one of his sons – she was his son’s girlfriend before she was Bryan’s wife – gross, yes! During the time when they were together Bryan said “The interesting thing is, and I don’t want to say the wrong thing in case I get into trouble with my girlfriend – you never really meet people your own age who aren’t married. I’m very fortunate that I work in music, where you’re in touch with different age groups, either the audience or people you work with. It does help. Obviously I’m not ageist!

Bryan first dated Jerry Hall for about two years starting from 1975-1977 until she left him for Mick Jagger. Later on, Mick mentioned how he saved her from becoming Jerry Ferry which was a very nice save.

Amanda’s is the second marriage that Bryan Ferry is involved with – his last marriage was with Lucy Helmore in 1982 and even this first marriage was with a much younger women – fourteen years to be exact – and with whom he had his four current children. Lucy was on the cover of their Roxy Music’s album Avalon which I assumed is how they met.

It was inevitable that the marriage between Bryan Ferry and Amanda Shepard wouldn’t last, he’s old, lonely and has a ton of money; there are young women who are willing to date or marry a man for those very reasons… especially the money part.

  • That is sad.

  • scottkorek

    That is so depressing. People think that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. It usually is not. I have been married for 17 years. I have had many opportunities to stray in my marriage. At that moment, the lustful fuck salesman that is part of a males brain kicks in. You think of how exciting it would be to have a new experience with a new woman. Thank God for the brain he gave me to reason that in the long run, the pain for me and my family outweighs any possible immediate pleasure I would receive. I cannot convey how happy and proud I am that I made the right decisions to not risk my family and all of our happiness. My wife is precious and deserves a good loyal husband and father. Why are most people looking to move up. My friends cannot seem to keep it in their pants. Yet, I swear the ones who have fooled around the most on their wives are the least confident and least happy…by a long shot. Moving up is usually a move down for all people affected…most importantly the children. I find that most of my friends who are always messing around on their wives convince themselves they’re climbing up, when in fact they are actually climbing down. My advice is love that man or woman that you are with. You only get back what you give freely of yourself. Do not be afraid to be vulnerable, as we all are. Neither man or woman in a relationship lose when they are unselfish giving abundantly to one another. That is how each other keeps what they give away. Nobody loses….both win when both are giving freely and abundantly to each other.