Shae Bradley and Jesse J – Just What We Need

Shae Bradley and Jesse J - Just What We Need

I guess Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham must be pretty pissed off right now. Why do you ask? Because a week after we learned that she purposely made a tape with a star, James Deen – in a super desperate attempt to extend her couple minutes of reality tv shame, I mean fame- another MTV related sex tape is being shopped. Farrah must resent the hell out of Buckwild’s Shae Bradley and Jesse J for stealing her thunder.

Apparently, these two shot a homemade video before being cast on Buckwild and MTV’s producers knew all about it. The then-couple were told to keep their mouths shut about the video and proceed with filming the show. It’s kind of ironic that a few days after MTV announces Buckwild is kaput as a series, this video has miraculously popped up. Shae seems to point to Jesse as the person who is trying to cash in on their special trailer park playtime, as she told TMZ,

Yes there is a sex tape and I regret making it with someone who I obviously couldn’t trust and is looking to exploit the relationship we had.

As for the tape itself, it’s really nothing special, typical middle of nowhere hillbilly sex actually and Shae keeps her top on the whole time. Maybe Jesse is pissed that his newfound MTV paycheck disappeared as quickly as he received it and being an enterprising kind of guy, he realized that he could cash in on something in his possession before having to go back to working on a garbage truck- or something.

Do you think Vivid Entertainment will want this little ditty as much as they pushed to secure the rights to Farrah’s 30 minutes of fun with a porn star? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.