Camilla Parker-Bowles Gets Plastic Surgery to Prepare For The Spotlight and Throne As Queen Elizabeth’s Health Declines

Camilla Parker-Bowles Gets Plastic Surgery to Prepare For The Spotlight and Throne As Queen Elizabeth’s Health Declines

Have you taken a really good look at Camilla Parker-Bowles lately? Well, we told you just the other day that in between stomping her feet and declaring herself the next queen – instead of talking up her husband, Prince Charles for getting ready to take his place as king in the families royal lineage, it is all about Camilla you know – Camilla has gone under the knife and instead of nips and tucks we’re talking a whole lot of necessary hacking has been done to try and make the 65-year old appear refreshed. After all these years of hard drinking she was looking more like Nick Nolte every day.

Camilla’s surgery and sudden concern about her appearance is just one more tell-tale sign that Queen Elizabeth’s health is fading. Think about it, Camilla has never been considered a real stunner and she has seemed okay with that, until right now. Now Elizabeth is starting to cancel appearances and share responsibilities with Prince Charles. Serious Royal meetings that the Queen would never otherwise miss, unless she has an extremely good reason. It has become quite obvious that Elizabeth’s life and health is quickly winding down and while she struggles to get her ducks in a row, Camilla has been off reinventing herself so that she is throne-ready.

It makes perfect sense really. If you’ve followed any of the behind-the-scenes palace news in recent months, every fight in the palace has somehow involved Camilla and was ultimately about the struggle for the throne. When Elizabeth was stronger she was said to have wanted Prince William to step ahead of his father in line to the throne. He is far more respected than Charles and Kate Middleton isn’t a callous drunk like Camilla has proved herself to be. Wanting a solid young couple to rule Elizabeth’s beloved country made sense. It seems that she has backed off from the idea as her health has weakened her.

It looks like Camilla will be getting her fondest wish and she squeezed her make over in just in time now didn’t she? Would you like to see William and Kate on the throne instead? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

7 responses to “Camilla Parker-Bowles Gets Plastic Surgery to Prepare For The Spotlight and Throne As Queen Elizabeth’s Health Declines”

  1. OMG, does she really believe she will step into her shoes when she hands over the title? It won’t be to Charles, it will be to
    William and Kate who would not humiliate the
    Royal family as Charles and Camilla have for so many years.
    Only the Queen has the right to say who reigns after her. I pray it is William and Kate.

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  3. […] throne with Charles and is babbling to anyone that will listen about how she and Charles have won. Camilla even went so far as to have a load of plastic surgery done in a failed attempt to look younger and more refreshed when that day rolls […]

  4. Kay halim says:

    That will be crazy things to do if she ever become a queen , May be she will be the queen of steeling uh bonds from there wifes .

  5. Kay halim says:

    Camilla is a slot she should be working on the street even though everybody know she will not worth a penny. Every one know that she broke Diana’s heart and marriage . She can go to hill

  6. Nurse 911 says:

    They should put Princess Anne on the throne….she doesn’t have the baggage that Charles does, she is reportedly the hardest working royal of all of them, she knows the job, she’s in good health and she could do it for 10 to 20 years until William and Kate have raised their family. They also changed the succession law recently stating that the throne does NOT have to go to a male offspring over a female offspring. I don’t know if it specified if this relates to only the oldest child, but hey there could be a loop hole there. That would make Camilla absolutely insane…could be fun to watch.

  7. jennifermavens says:

    This is such a stupid, ignorant article. Who wrote it, a five year-old? First of all, The Queen has no power to pick and choose her successor, that is fixed by law and there are over 5000 people in line for the succession, which is governed on the principle of male-preference primogeniture. Oldest son comes first, then younger, then oldest daughter, and so on. The only way a person can be skipped is by marrying a Roman Catholic. Camilla is not Roman Catholic.