Camilla Parker-Bowles Says Kate Middleton Is Not Really Pregnant (Photos)

Camilla Parker-Bowles Says Kate Middleton Is Not Really Pregnant (Photos)

It must really suck to realize that the thing you’re best known for in this world is your drunken outbursts – especially if you are a member of the royal family! Naturally I’m talking about Camilla Parker-Bowles. It’s a brand new week and so of course Camilla has found yet another opportunity to viciously attack Kate Middleton.  This time Camilla is taking issue with the photos of Kate enjoying a babymoon with her husband, Prince William. She was photographed exposing her 4.5 month pregnant body in a blue bikini and she looks fabulous.

After Camilla knocked back a few drinks the ranting and screeching began. According to the March 4th print edition of the GLOBE, Camilla insulted the duchess for not looking very pregnant. “Where’s the bump? Is she really pregnant?” Then, as in typical Camilla fashion she took the issue straight to the queen. She has done everything and anything possible to try and get Queen Elizabeth to see that Kate is no good and should never sit beside Prince William on the throne. Luckily, Camilla’s jealousy is always exposed and her attempts to undermine Kate never work.

Insiders believe that the Queen won’t care about Kate’s beach stroll either. While the queen loves to stick with her royal tradition and protocol she is beginning to accept that we now live in a different time and era. Things change and so some of the old rules need to either be tossed out or bended quite a bit. It seems like Kate and William have really helped her to understand this. They are helping to advance the royal family and at least modernize things a little bit.

How does Kate look to you? Should she be parading around in a bikini? Are you worried that she’s not gaining enough? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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