CDL Giveaway: Celebrate Burn Notice Season 7 with Outstanding Prize Pack!

CDL Giveaway: Celebrate Burn Notice Season 7 with Outstanding Prize Pack!

We love us some Burn Notice here at CDL and, with the season premiere coming to the USA network tomorrow, we thought it’d be a good idea for us all to celebrate! With, of course, another giveaway! Not too shabby sounding, right? This will be the show’s seventh and final season, so if you’re fans of the show then we want to give you the opportunity to get it off to a whopping good start!

In terms of the new season, what are you most looking forward to? Michael will be paying for what went down last season and he’ll have to learn how to cope with some things for a while without his regular crew, but maybe that won’t be the case for long. For more spoilers and previews of what’s to come, check out TV Guide.

Read guidelines below for entering contest:

1. Place a comment in the comments section below. Be sure to include your e-mail (so we can contact you if you’re chosen as the winner) as well as the following: What are story line are you most looking forward to this season?

2. Deadline: Contest will close next Wednesday, June 12th. There’ll be one winner who receives one prize pack.

3. Prize: Burn Notice prize pack, which contains . . . . White hat with Burn Notice Logo, Mini iPod Speakers, Ray Ban Sunglasses, White Drawstring Bag with Burn Notice Logo, White t-shirt with Burn Notice Logo, Water Gun with Burn Notice Logo, DVD

4. Eligibility: Open to USA residents only.

Disclaimer: Celeb Dirty Laundry has not received any payment or promotional products as a result of this giveaway. The prize has been provided by a promotional/marketing company; however, this company is in no way sponsoring, nor are they administering, this post. We just love giving away great treats to our stellar readers!

5 responses to “CDL Giveaway: Celebrate Burn Notice Season 7 with Outstanding Prize Pack!”

  1. I’m hoping that Michael just rejoined in order to free everyone and once they get away he quits.

  2. Sandy says:

    For Burn Notice Season 7, I’m looking forward to the Micael/Fiona storyline. I don’t believe she will ever completely walk away from him, but he hurt her pretty badly last season so it is going to take a lot of work on his part to get her back. (

  3. Mary Cappelmann says:

    I am hoping all of the main characters of Burn Notice3 survive season 7. I have been a fan since day one and have all of the CD’s for this show. I am sincerely sorry to see it leave. I wish all of the actors well in their next endeavor.

  4. Anastasia says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with Michael and Fi…. and how they plan to end the show! What will happen to Sam Axe!

  5. demonstrable says:

    I want to see if Michael and Fiona get a happy ending together.