Charlie Sheen Furious That Brooke Mueller’s Employee Conducts Her Drug Tests

Charlie Sheen Furious That Brooke Mueller's Employee Conducts Her Drug

Charlie Sheen is reportedly furious that Child Protective Services is letting Brooke Mueller get away with using her own employee to conduct her drug tests. And who can blame him? Right now, his sons [Bob and Max] are in danger from being raised by their sociopathic and drug-addicted mother, and there’s nothing he can do about it.

Brooke has already gained de facto custody of her kids because her brother will be living with her, and technically, her brother has the ‘official’ custody of her children. The idiot judge made the call to let the kids live with Brooke again because he didn’t think the kids should change schools. You know, because school is more important than having an abusive and junkie mother around? However, the judge only granted this because Brooke somehow managed to prove that she has been staying sober for the past few months, something that drug tests have backed up periodically.

However, Charlie may have discovered that the person conducting these drug tests may not have been entirely neutral. A source tells Radar, “Charlie suspected that Brooke’s drug tests weren’t being conducted by an independent person/agency because his lawyer had been asking for the results of those tests, and was shot down every time. On Thursday morning after Radar published the shocking news that Brooke’s drug tests were being done by her long time sober coach, and paid employee, Carmine Thompson, Charlie was absolutely disgusted. He doesn’t understand why DCFS and the judge would allow this. It doesn’t make any sense at all. If Brooke didn’t have money, she would be required to submit a test to a laboratory appointed by officials. She is calling all the shots!” 

As much as I hate to side with Charlie on anything, he’s absolutely right about this. Brooke Mueller has been to rehab twenty times already, and twice while she was pregnant. I think that says a lot about her skills as a mother, and for whatever reason, both the court and child services seem to be ignoring all this evidence. Either they’re getting paid off, or they’ve just completely lost their mind. I don’t understand in what other situation it would be considered alright to let a known drug addict live with her children, especially if the person taking her drug tests could easily be rigging the results. I mean, are you really willing to let a woman who’s been to rehab twenty times have final say in her own sobriety?

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