Chelsea Handler and Conan O’Brien Skit

Who knew Conan O’Brien had abs? Conan showed us a different side of himself on Chelsea Lately’s 1081st episode celebration episode. Conan made an appearance on Chelsea Handler’s E! talk show in a wild sketch.  The comedians have a fight in the shower and bare all for the camera.

Chelsea and her show moved into Conan’s old studio in October 2012. Conan feels the funny lady has moved in on his territory, and decides to confront her in the shower. He sidles up to Chelsea and turns off the shower to get her attention. Chelsea is startled and says “Oh no, not again! How do people keep getting in here?”

Chelsea was previously visited by a nude Sandra Bullock in the same shower.  Sandra had a few choice words for the first lady of late night that left Chelsea speechless and afraid.

This is my studio—you stole it, remember? I still have the key. Plus this is the best water pressure in Los Angeles”, Conan says angrily. He continues to whine like a little boy about all the things Chelsea stole from him.  Chelsea shoots back that she deserves the parking space and back massager Conan left behind when his tenure at The Tonight Show ended.  The pair then have an altercation while still in the shower. The result is they both have black eyes.

Is Conan sorry he left NBC for TBS? Or is he dishing payback for the insults at his 11pm rival because she insulted him for having red hair?  Chelsea famously said on her show and Conan’s TBS show that she hates male red heads.