Christina Aguilera’s 25 Pound Weight Loss For Marriage To Matthew Rutler

Christina Aguilera's 25 Pound Weight Loss For Marriage To Matthew Rutler

Our dear friends over at the National Enquirer have decided to post a story about how Christina Aguilera is getting ready to lose 25 pounds for her marriage to Matthew Rutler. They say that Christina wants to get in ‘top shape’ for her wedding.

Christina Aguilera is one of the many celebrities that are held under intense speculation for their drastic weight changes. But can you really blame her? Any normal person would succumb to that kind of pressure, and it’s hard not to feel pity for the likes of Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, and others like them. Their weight keeps flip flopping because they go through phases of their career where they need to lose weight to keep their public image, even if they don’t want to.

Now, the Enquirer no doubt took a wild swing and decided to go with this story because it had the most potential. No arguments there. However, is it true? A ‘source’ [we all know what source means by now] told the Enquirer, “Christina is sprucing up and losing weight because she and Matt are planning to tie the knot this summer.”

Christina Aguilera's 25 Pound Weight Loss For Marriage To Matthew Rutler

That’s all  fine. When things get silly is when the source adds that Christina is ready to ‘embark on a new life with a new hot body.’ What, she can’t start over without having a ‘hot body’?

Regardless, and even though her rep denies the rumors, Christina is definitely looking a lot healthier these days. Is it because of her marriage? A lot of women do try to lose weight before their wedding so they can look their best on the special day, and Christina just might be one of them. However, it’s hard to imagine that it’s to the level that the Enquirer claims, where her whole life has been taken over by this obsession.

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