Courtney Stodden’s Uncensored Nude Magazine Debut (PHOTO)


Courtney Stodden, the 18yr old Singer/Actress teen bride, made her official full frontal debut on the cover of Girls & Corpses. It may come as surprise for most that Courtney chose this magazine especially she was lobbying so hard just last September for a Playboy Spread.

Although when they put Courtney as a naked bride with a rotting groom named Doug Graves on the cover; you wonder if her husband, Doug Hutchison, was laughing with them or being laughed at.  Her husband, Doug, is 35 years her senior which would haven’t been so bad if she wasn’t 16 when they got married.  Then taking full advantage from her scandalous marriage she has been sexualizing herself in every way legal to her. Have you seen her website? A guaranteed fame whore if ever there was one. Girls & Corpses must likely have got her for a bargain.

Still was this her and her attention seeking momager’s way of settling?

On September 1st, Courtney had tweeted “No to porn…yes to @Playboy”. She is after all very Christian. Sadly however Playboy’s reply, literally within days, was ‘Not up to our standards’. But she didn’t allow rejection to slow her down. No, she instead she changed her look for the better or at least Playboy standards. According to Celebuzz, it was within weeks of the rejection that Courtney lightened her makeup, colored her hair much better, and dropped the obviously fake tan. Now she looks like a younger version of Holly Madison. Yet it seems that despite her change they still didn’t want her. Luckily Girls & Corpses did and in an eight page spread.

She made the statement that she took their offer because “Girls and Corpses is a silly, yet sexy, magazine, which fits my personality perfectly.” Which would have been fine if she had stopped at that statement and not handed ammo out like candy when she added “I’ve never experienced rolling around with a corpse before, let alone in such a suggestive manor, but I kinda liked it… in more ways than one, haha.”

Here’s the thing, Courtney posing, albeit nude, with a corpse doesn’t up her profile. It just reminds us how young and confused she must be if she thinks she’s never rolled around with a corpse.

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