Dallas RECAP 3/4/13: Season 2 Episode 7 “The Furious and The Fast”

Dallas RECAP 3/4/13: Season 2 Episode 7 “The Furious and The Fast”

My favorite television show DALLAS returns tonight to TNT with a new episode called, “The Furious and The Fast.” On tonight’s show Pamela is caught between Christopher and John Ross, as the cousins clash, with it all culminating in a winner-take-all car race.  Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last week’s show John Ross continued to persuade Sue Ellen to help him take control of Ewing Energies. Christopher and Pamela Rebecca worked with their lawyers to settle their divorce. With Drew’s help, Christopher made a startling revelation that could change the fate of Ewing Energies. And the whole family came together when an outsider tried to undermine them all.

On tonight’s show In the aftermath of John Ross and Sue Ellen’s coup to take over Ewing Energies, Bobby retaliates with his brother’s help, Gary (guest star Ted Shackelford), leaving the family in a Mexican standoff. Meanwhile, Pamela is caught between Christopher and John Ross, as the cousins clash, with it all culminating in a winner-take-all car race.

Tonight’s DALLAS season 2 episode 7 is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Dallas — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season?  Check out the sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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John Ross stares out the window of Ewing Energy feeling like a master of the universe when JR calls. He’s headed into his first board meeting with his Sue Ellen as his partner. Pamela sashays in and the gang’s all there!

Chris starts out whining about Sue Ellen taking Elena’s shares. Bobby says she gave him no alternative and Chris tosses a folder at her. They took back the lease on Southfork and won’t let them drill there. They say no drilling on Southfork until they give back Elena’s shares.

Chris points out that he won’t have the majority unless Pamela votes with him. Chris takes her out to the speedway to see the race car using the methane tool. Chris tells her he’s going to get a multi-million dollar contract after he wins the Nascar race. She tells them he’s ripping Ewing Energies apart with the oil standoff. He begs her to believe in him…

Uncle Gary shows up at Ewing Energies – OMG he’s back from Knot’s Landing!!! He says he’s there to see JR and they tell him he’s in Abu Dhabi.

Drew catches up with Elena on a jog and she’s still mad but appreciates that he saved her. He wants to talk to her about their Dad’s property – he’s convinced there’s oil there. He tells her he’s been saving up his money for 10 years to try to find out. She promises to talk to Christopher about buying the land back.

John Ross comes to see Pamela and she tells him she and her dad agree that the methane and oil combination is best for the company – that means she’s taking Chris’ side for now. She tells him the feud between him and Christopher is out of hand and if he forces her hand now, she’ll vote with Chris. He tells her that when Chris loses the race, the decision to vote with him should be natural.

Gary isn’t pleased with Bobby’s tactics. He tells him he’s strapped for cash because he fell off the wagon and has blown his money. He tells him Valene broke up with him and he needs the money from the drilling of Southfork to keep him going. Bobby offers him a loan and says he’s the only brother he could trust. At the track, Ricky Rudd tells Chris about some handling problems he’s been having with the car and Chris promises to take care of it.
JR’s PI brings John Ross some information about the head of Ricky’s pit crew. He’s in deep with some gambling debts on horses and might be for sale…

Chris comes home and finds Elena in the shower. He tells her that he caught Sue Ellen and John Ross off guard by stopping the drilling. He tells her that Pamela will vote with him if he wins the race. Elena’s not happy that Chris is dealing with her at work. He reassures her and says as the mother of his children, it’s not optional. He promises her that he’ll have her back at Ewing Energies in no time.

John Ross comes to see Denny – the pit crew boss. He’s scared, thinking JR Jr is there to collect on his debts. Instead, he offers to pay all is debts off for him in exchange for a favor. Hmm… Wonder what the evil son wants him to do. I smell sabotage!

Harris and Judith tell Emma that they’re headed back to London. They got her the Olympic dressage trainer she’s been wanting. Emma said she thought they were going to stay in Texas for a month to learn his business. Judith says they’re leaving first thing tomorrow and she’ll get her all packed up for the trip back home. Emma doesn’t look happy to be going.

Sue Ellen finds Gary getting coffee and they share a post-alcoholic sympathy welcome. She tells him she’s happy he’s back in Dallas. She tells him she knows JR was hard on him. Gary says he was surprised to hear that she’s back on JR’s side. She clarifies that she’s there watching out for her own interests. She tells him he should watch out for his – she tells him if Bobby bankrupts the company with the oil standoff, that he’ll be the one hurting. Sue Ellen asks if he wants to go to the race with her on Saturday – says it would be good for them to be there together.

Emma shows up at the stables to see Ann. She tells her about her grandmother intimidating her and how bad it made her feel. Ann invites her to go for a ride and they saddle up. Harris is upset to hear that Emma skipped her lesson and Judith tells him she knows she went to see Ann. He kicks a chair and Judith chastises him and orders him to pick it up. He does, like a good little freaky son. Judith tells him that Judith is just curious and that he needs to squash the curiosity but without losing his temper. She tells him she won’t let him lose “their” daughter. Creepy. Icky. Yuck.

Emma is struggling to ride Western because she’s accustomed to the rigid rules of dressage. Ann tells her to relax and just feel it. Emma is amazed by riding and looking at the sunset. She’s amazed at the peace. Ann tells her to let the horse take care of her. Emma takes off her dressage helmet and lets down her hair and they ride on.
Chris and a pit guy are working on Ricky’s car making some last minute tweaks. They leave and Denny comes in ready to get to his shady work.

Elena and Drew are getting ready to do some exploring on their Dad’s land to try and figure out once and for all if there’s oil there.

Emma wakes to find her dad watching her sleep. He asks if she had a good time with her mother. He said she could have been honest with him. He tells her she can ask him anything and she asks to stay in Texas for a longer time so she can spend time with him and get to know her mother. He blows up and says it’s a bad idea.

He asks if she’s been taking her medication and then makes her take a dose. He tells her that without rules and order in her life, it’s all chaos. He tells her she’ll be safe in London. Hmm… I don’t thinks she needs medication – I think he’s drugging her into submission!

Drew is excited and shows Elena some seismic images that shows there could be oil under their Dad’s land – he says their Dad just didn’t go deep enough. He asks Elena to go into business with him and says she can have all the success she wants without Ewing Energies.

Sue Ellen asks JR Jr if he mentioned to JR that she was wooing Gary trying to get him to vote with her. He says he did and she tells him JR sent her a handful of old love letters he had sent her back in the day along with a new one that she hasn’t opened yet.

JR’s PI reassures him that the damage to the car has been taken care of and the dirt on Ryland is coming together and everything is falling into place.

Chris introduced the Dallas transportation coordinator to Ricky Rudd – he wants the race win to convince her to give him the city contract that will score them big bucks.

John Ross and Pamela watch from the pit area. He tells her that Christopher is going to lose and he looks forward to having her back on his side. The race is getting ready to start.

Judith knocks on Emma’s door demanding that she hurry so they don’t miss their flight. In Emma’s room, she finds she’s packed and gone.

Ann, Bobby, Sue Ellen and Bobby all watch the race as it starts.

The race is on! Sue Ellen offers Gary a friendly wager and he wants to know why she’s being so nice to him. She tells him she never had the opportunity to be so nice to him before.

Harris blows up as Judith tells him it’s his fault that Emma took her bags and left. Judith harangues him and blames him for Emma taking off. She tells him bringing Ann into their lives was the worst mistake ever. She’s spewing venom at him and he’s starting to lose his temper. He tells her that he loved Ann because she wasn’t her (as in his mom- as in gross!).

The race progresses and Ricky’s making his move. The field is coming in to take their first pit and Ricky is able to keep on because the methane is getting better MPG on the track. Ricky tells Chris he’s getting a little resistance and Chris notices that the engine is running hot. He tells them he’s got to pit and Chris says it’s a faulty pressure regulator. He tells him to hang on for 15 more laps and they can replace it. They scramble to get a replacement regulator out of the prototype car. Ricky tells them he has to put now as Chris struggles to get the part loose.

Bobby and Ann watch concerned as Ricky pits again. Chris scrambles to replace the part as everyone watches, concerned. He gets the part in and tells Ricky to go. He’s a lap down and has got to catch up! It’s a nail biter folks! Wonder if the sabotage ran deeper than just that part…

Ricky’s zooming past when the other cars pull in for their second pit stop. He’s ahead as they pull back onto the track. Chris is thrilled when Ricky pulls into second. There’s four laps to go and Chris tells Ricky that second place isn’t good enough – he tells him he’s got to push it and win. Ricky takes the checkered flag and John Ross and Sue Ellen are not happy.

Everyone congratulates Ricky on the win and Chris gives Elena a big kiss. They present Ricky with a giant check for $250,000. Chris sees the city council woman and goes to talk to her – she says he’s golden and it’s practically a done deal. Pamela congratulates Chris and tells her that she and Cliff will be voting with him. He thanks her.

John Ross looks on, very displeased. Bobby and Chris saunter over and try to muscle Elena’s shares out of Sue Ellen. John Ross says they’re going to call their bluff. Chris says he’s going to regret letting his greed control him.
Ann and Bobby come home to find Emma waiting on the front porch for them at Southfork. Emma asks if she can stay and Ann says “welcome home.” She hugs and kisses her and brings her inside.

John Ross sits drinking in the dark when he gets a call from his daddy. He tells him Chris won the race and to spare him the lecture. JR tells him he’s got a plan of his own that’s going to be his masterpiece. He tells John Ross that he’s proud of him. John Ross hears two gunshots and then there’s silence on the phone. Uh-oh…

The End!