David Duchovony Romance On With Gillian Anderson – Pays Big Bucks For NYC Love Nest

David Duchovony Romance On With Gillian Anderson - Pays Big Bucks For NYC Love Nest

What do you do when your wife gets fed up with your chronic cheating? Well, you finally find yourself divorced and in need of a new home. That’s precisely why David Duchovny just dropped 6.25 million on an apartment on Central Park West’s the Ardsley. Rumor has it, David may not be staying there all alone for long though. Since splitting with Tea Leoni in 2011, David has enjoyed his freedom and single life, until last year when former X-File partner in crime, Gillian Anderson suddenly found herself single.

The two have reportedly reconnected and their multitude of fans will love knowing that it looks like after years of pent up frustration and being attached to others, love may have finally had a chance to bloom. Gillian has decided to come back to the states after about a decade of working in London and David is one of the main reasons why she wants to stay on this side of the pond. She also is looking for the perfect new U.S. Television role and NYC is a prime location for an actress like her to actively audition.

David’s new place can easily accommodate Gillian and her kids and instead of being a huge bachelor pad it can easily be transformed into a blended family home. X Files fans have always wanted to see David and Gillian together in real life. It’s pretty obvious now that all of that chemistry and electricity that they picked up on was a real and palpable thing. Is David capable of fidelity though? He has claimed to be a sex addict which seems to be his way of trying to explain away his chronic cheating. Obviously Gillian knows David’s issues well, after watching him in action for the last twenty years. Can she be the one to tame him? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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5 responses to “David Duchovony Romance On With Gillian Anderson – Pays Big Bucks For NYC Love Nest”

  1. jade blah says:

    First of all, Gillian Anderson JUST said a few days ago she has no plans on leaving London. Second, David bought that apartment Months ago. Third – Gillian Anderson gets offers, she doesn’t go on Auditions!! How clueless are you, Cate, to both how the industry works, and what is actually going on with them?!! DO YOUR RESEARCH

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  3. DEP says:

    You should really stop smoking! G already has a lot on her plate, she doesn’t need to add another US show to her list (Rand Ravich Project, Hannibal, hello!). Oh, and she definitely doesn’t need to audition for a role since she gets several propositions a day. Your site is so full of crap, snoggers should be illegal.

  4. jack says:

    Presume this is all just a bit of fun but every good joke has a shelf life and this ones starting to smell a bit. Not one camera shot if the meeting or in the location. Anderson confirms she’ll travel for work but is staying in London. Auditioning for roles? Don’t think so. She has her choice of work. Plus both have denied it… Repeatedly.

  5. Knope says:

    Gillian seems to be dating author Andrew O’Hagan, so you can all just STFU about this rumor.