Demi Moore’s Memoir A Certain Flop – Girl Can’t Write!

Demi Moore’s Memoir A Certain Flop – Girl Can’t Write!

If you are fortunate enough to score yourself a book deal then the logical thing to do, especially if you are a celeb writing a memoir, is to find a good ghostwriter. I guess Demi Moore is different though. Since she has been acting for over 25 years and thinks that because she has managed to turn back the process of aging via surgery and mystery hormones she is also capable of authoring her book, right? Oh so very wrong! According to the April 29th print edition of Star, Demi has refused to hire a ghostwriter and that is presenting a huge problem – because she can’t write!

That doesn’t stop the chronic basket case from trying though. She has been rambling for hours into a tape recorder and then demands that her assistant pull the stuff from tape and type it up into something fabulous. Supposedly her ramblings are just that, weird topics and then full on rants when she decides to focus on particular topics (like her non-existent love life). Demi had originally promised to spill the beans about her marriage to Ashton Kutcher, but she’s still too angry for those thoughts to come together in any logical sense. In other words, Demi’s latest project will never see daylight let alone bookshelves this way.

Frankly I can’t imagine why we would need a book about Demi’s life anyway. I’m guessing whomever signed her and took on this project was expecting a lot of scandalous dirt on Ashton and probably Bruce Willis. Unfortunately Demi seems too disconnected from reality to really provide anything in depth. Would you buy her book, if it ever came to print? When you think of celebs that you’re interested in reading about, does Demi ever really pop into your head? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Martin

    really looking forward to book