Devin Velez Elimination From American Idol Murders Our Favorite Reality Show (Video)

Devin Velez Elimination From American Idol Murders Our Favorite Reality Show (Video)

There’s a peculiar eccentricity seared into the skin of American Idol’s 12th season. This regular reality juggernaut is suffering from a repetitive flu that is not abating anytime soon. After Devin Velez’s exit from the show, the boys are down to only two members – Lazaro Arbos and Burnell Taylor. These final two men will have to fight for survival in the upcoming eliminations, and while we’re hoping for a male underdog to make it into the top five, we highly doubt Arbos and Taylor will survive the estrogen fueled 12th season. The women are dominating, while the men are falling like victims of an Ebola outbreak.

It’s obvious that a female contestant will walk away with the title this year, but not before boredom murders us all.

The revamped Idol format forced many fans to leave the show in their droves. The judges’ misaligned chemistry, the trickle of talent, and the egotistical production methods have formed a massive birthmark on the popular format. After the initial hype, the new season failed to live up to the show’s high standards and Idol lost its way in the clichéd hallways of what a reality television show should never become. Fortunately, the farcical elements, the one-sided judging, and the sympathetic casting methods still gave us a bastardized version of a show we once loved. The producers might have failed to emulate the acerbic judging of past seasons, but many have welcomed this change and accepted the vanilla formula that made Idol the most watched reality television show in the world.

In our prayer to Aretha Franklin, we asked if the 12th season could bring Idol back from the brink of death, but unfortunately, our prayers fell on deaf ears. After the 10th and 11th seasons, the show was placed on life support, and while we hoped the revamp would save it from its ultimate fate, we now have to accept the fact that Idol will soon be wheeled into the morgue and tagged as “Dead On Arrival”.

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