Dexter Finale Spoiler: Dexter Murders Sister Debra In Shocking Ending!

Episode 809

The final episode of Dexter is set to air Sunday, Sept. 22 at 9 p.m. on Showtime and fans of the critically acclaimed show are trembling in anticipation as they await the fates of their favorite characters. Who will make it to the end? Who’s going to get cut short and leave Dexter’s world forever? You need to tune in to find out, but if the above title has you intrigued (we apologize for the juicy spoilage title above, but we couldn’t resist) then be sure to continue reading. If you detest spoilers — stop reading. (But, really, you know you want to).

National Enquirer reports that one of Dexter’s final murders will be someone very near and dear to his heart . . . . His sister, Debra! Apparently, Debra just knows too much about him, his ways, and his extracurricular activities. And he just doesn’t see any other alternative. Though, perhaps, he’ll find another way and this spoiler is a bunch of bologne. Better watch to find out.

The mag reports, “Debra knows to much about his killings and she’s become more unraveled than ever.  This is right from the show’s insider.”

There you have it, folks. What are you most looking forward to in the Dexter season 8 finale? Sound off in the comments section below!

2 responses to “Dexter Finale Spoiler: Dexter Murders Sister Debra In Shocking Ending!”

  1. Ross Sherri says:

    I really hope he doesn’t kill his sister I like her and what’s the point in killing her she already knows and excepts him. I’m pretty sure it will be his girlfriend that gets killed. Wish they would have kept the young kid. I really liked him

  2. allie says:

    This is hard to believe, she’s the only one he cares about, other than his kid.