Dexter Season 8 Episode 7 REVIEW “Dexter Still Has A Thing For Hannah”

Dexter Season 8 Episode 7 REVIEW "Dexter Still Has A Thing For Hannah"

On last night’s episode of Dexter he wakes up in a unfamiliar place to the sound of his phone ringing. Dexter has missed a gazillion calls from Vogel who is just glad he didn’t kill Zach. Dexter tells her he can’t talk. Deb calls him next she is at home and she is fine. Dexter decides to use his GPS to find out where he is, he is in a place called Kendall. Deb comes to get him. The whole ride back Dexter is wondering about Hannah and why she didn’t just kill him. Deb is bitching because Hannah is back (she literally makes this while situation about herself, I honestly think Deb was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and that’s why Hannah took her home she didn’t need her). Dexter tells Deb that he will take care of Hannah.

When Dexter gets back to his place he gets on his computer and request traffic video hoping to see Hannah in it. Zach is knocking at the door and Dexter is upset that he showed up there. Zach is equally upset because Dexter missed there 10 a.m. appointment. Zach tells him he just really needs to talk to him. Zach also tells him not to worry that he lost Quinn. Dexter tells Zach to leave and that they can’t be seen together. Ever. Zach tells Dexter that he went o see Vogel (I guess because Dexter was in dreamland thanks to Hannah). Vogel told Zach that he can channel they way he is, and Dexter promises to help. Zach leaves.

The next day Deb is at work and talking on the phone with the U.S. Marshals, she is upset that haven’t seen Hannah in over six months. (You wonder why nobody was notified that Hannah went M.I.A). Elway walks in and tries to talk to Deb and she naturally takes it the wrong way and accuses him of flirting and then tells him it makes her uncomfortable. Elway tries to play it off and tells her he just wants to see if she wants lunch. Deb picks up something in a wrapper and tells him no that she hashed own lunch. Deb ask Elway if that’s all and if they are done. Elway loses it at this point and tells her he gave her a job when she showed up all messed up six months ago and that she needs to stop being such a f**king bitch (I agree). Elway then tell her that they are done and he leaves.

Dexter is watching the traffic footage and finally sees Hannah. He sees that the license plate is from a rental. Place and calls them. Dexter fakes out the lady on the phone by telling her he is a cop (he even makes up some b.s. badge number to really suck her in) it works and she gives him the info he needs. Dexter gets her new fake name Maggie, a phone number and a address at the Marina. Dexter is visited by Harry who wants to know if he found her, Dexter tells him that he did and that it was way to easy and maybe Hannah wanted him to find her. Harry tells Dexter Hannah could derail Debs progress (no Deb could derail Deb’s progress). Harry wants to know why Dexter is excited. Dexter tells him it’s because he isn’t scared of Hannah.

Jamie and Quinn are talking about getting their own place. Jamie tells Quinn she isn’t sure if she wants to sign a one year lease somewhere just in case their relationship doesn’t move forward (in other words Jamie wants him to put a ring on it). Quinn gets really upset and nervous (in other words Quinn isn’t ready to put a ring on it). Jamie sees how upset Quinn is and drops the subject.

Masuka has a visit form his daughter Nikki. Nikki’s comes a apologize to her dad about how she acted when he tried to give her the check. Masuka puts her at ease and ask her to have dinner with him. Nikki tells him she can’t she has to go to work after class. Nikki works at a “sports bar” (more on that later).

Dexter is at the Marina and finds a yacht in the number he got for Hannah from the rental place. Dexter sees Hannah with a rich guy and wonders if he is her new protector. Dexter follows them to restaurant but is told he can’t go in because one he isn’t a member and two there is a strict “dress code”. Dexter calls Zach and ask if his dad has a membership to the place. Zach confirms he does. Next thing you know Dexter and Zach are dressed and headed in. Zach ask what they are doing there and Dexter tells him he is watching his ex Hannah, and he wants to know who the guy is that she is with. Dexter sends Zach to,watch the guy and he goes over to Hannah to ask why she drugged him and Deb. Dexter finds out that Hannah is married to him and is quite disgusted by it. Hannah tells him to leave before her husband comes back, but you know Dexter. When the husband returns Hannah introduces them. Apparently her husband knows all about Dexter and how he turned her in. Miles is his name and being pissed at Dexter is his game. He tells the bartender to take care of Dexter and then huffs and puffs and walks off with Hannah. Zach wants to know why Dexter didn’t leave when he sent him the text and if they are going to kill Miles. Dexter tells Zach he only kills people who deserve to die.

Back at home Dexter is fishing about Miles in the Internet while Harrison is watching TV. Deb shows up and tries to get Harrison away from it, but he stays right there watching cartoons. Deb goes off on another rant about Hannah and how she doesn’t want her around (she even brings up,how being in love with the wrong person is a bad thing….gross…she is so talking about the torch she had and probably still does have for Dexter). Harrison over hears and ask if Hannah is there. Deb gets upset that Harrison also likes Hannah and gets up and leaves. Harrison ask his daddy where Hannah is and Dexter tells him with her husband.

Masuka walks into the “sports bar” his daughter works at, and by “sports bar” I mean a club where girls walk around topless while sports center plays on the TV’s in the background on a continuous loop. Masuka actually handles the whole situation rather well and says it never occurred to him when he went to places like that he was looking at daughter boobies (idiot). Nikki laughs and tells him it will do till something better comes along. They make plans to have dinner later. You can tell Masuka is upset that his daughter works in that place.

Deb is off on another rant about Hannah but is time to Vogel. Vogel tells her that she trusted Dexter when it came to the brain surgeon (which by the way I’m not convinced Dexter did indeed kill) and that she should trust him to take care of Hannah as well.

Dexter is sitting in his office thinking about the fact he needs to get Hannah alone. Masuka pops in and tells Dexter that they need some help in the lab because of the work load. Dexter tells him it’s not a bad idea. Dexter looks out his window and sees Zach and his lawyer and wonders what is going on.

Zach and his lawyer head into Angels office and show him photographic proof that Quinn has had him under surveillance. Matthews assures them that Quinn will stop. Matthews then shows them the way out. Angel hunts down Quinn and chews him a new one about doing the exact opposite of what he was told and to stops it right now. Quinn is pissed but the only thing he can think of to come back with is that him and Jamie are moving in together. Angel is in shock and before he can even come up with something to say Masuka comes flying in to ask if its ok if he hires someone to help him and Dexter out in the lab ( you would think Masuka would have felt the tension and just backed out slowly). Masuka adds that it was Dexters idea (of course it was). Angel agrees to allowing him to hire someone part time. Masuka leaves.

Dexter is out at Zachs car and tells him it was a nice touch bringing the photos. Zach tells Dexter now they can handle business. Dexter tells him he has to learn how to wait and about timing and how to control it. Zach says he can’t control it. Dexter tells h,that he can and that he will teach him how to so that he can survive and do what he does just like Dexter.

Dexter is pumping gas when Miles shows up,and acts menacing about Hannah and threatens Dexter. Dexter text Hannah and tell her he wants to meet. Harry think ,he should be protecting Deb and not Hannah. Dexter tells Harry that he can do both. Dexter and Hannah meet at her old greenhouse, all of her plants and flowers are dead and Hannah is sad about it. Dexter ask her if Miles is a threat. Hannah tells him he isn’t the chop you up, and drop you off the side of a boat kind of guy. Dexter ask her why she married him and she tells him it’s because he wasn’t there (gag). Hannah tells him she met Miles several years ago at a event and that he had a crush on her and she knew if she needed anything she could get it from him. Dexter wants to know why she drugged him. Hannah claims its because she had to know if she could trust him not to turn her in. Miles is uber controlling and has to know where Hannah is at all times. She wanted Dexter to kill him because if she did she would surely be recognized. Hannah however changed her mind when she realizes she couldn’t ask the love of her life to do that for her (oh please). Dexter gets close to her and she backs away and tells him she has to o before Miles finds her.

Deb is back at the office playing nice with Elway. Elway knows its because she wants something (yup) she wants a GPS scanner. Deb tells Elway that he doesn’t want to get involved with her she is nothing but trouble (and loads of drama don’t forget the drama). Elway tells her he still would have liked the chance. Next Deb is at Dexters sticking the GPS in his SUV, she gets caught by Cassie. Cassie starts asking Deb about Dexter. She even goes as far to tell her that Jamie informed her that Dexter is still hung up on Hannah. Deb gets a little peeved and tells Cassie that Dexter is not the kind of mystery she really wants to solve.

Masuka is waiting for his daughter outside the “sports bar” she works at. Masuka tells her he got her a job at the lab, he also tells her how much it pays. Nikki tells him that she makes more there but she will think about it. Nikki calls him dad and Masuka is taken by surprise but you can tell he loves it. Nikki tells him she won’t start stripping and kisses him on the cheek.

Vogel is telling Dexter about Zach and how he is frustrated, she wants to now what Dexter is going to do about it (Zach is Vogels problem) she reminds Dexter the second he let him off his table that made Zach Dexters responsibility (say what? It’s her fault Dexter didn’t whack him). Dexter is guilted into it so he calls Zach and makes a appointment to meet with him the next day.

The next day Dexter gets jumped by some guys in suits (GQ thugs). They literally beat the hell out of him and then leave him all messed up and hurt laying by the trash. Dexter knows Miles sent them because he met with Hannah and he wonders why he will do to Hannah.

Deb is at the office watching the scanner. Elway walks in and tries to talk to her but backs off when he sees her reaction. Deb tells him she knows she can be a dick and that the last year has been rough for her and that Elway has been there for her and she thanks him.

Zach is at Dexters knocking on the door repeatedly. Cassie open her door and comes out and ask if there is anything she can help him with like maybe a message for Dexter. Zach says yeah f**k you and storms off ( this kid is going to do something stupid).

Hannah is coming back to the yacht from shopping and Miles greets her. Miles tells her he knows she was at the greenhouse yesterday and that she met Dexter. Hannah tells him Dexter doesn’t mean anything to her. Miles tells then she won’t mind what he is going to do him. Miles grabs Hannah and hurts her. Miles shoves Hannah into him. Dexter is sneaking up on the yacht. When Dexter gets down on the yacht he finds Hannah with Miles dead body (she slit his throat) Hanna tells Dexter she tried to run and Miles wouldn’t let her, so she killed him. Dexter ask her if she is OK. Hannah is just peachy with a side of keen. Dexter ask her to get a axe, bleach and bags. He also tells her to change clothes she is covered in blood. Later she is on the boat when he dumps him over. Hannah tells him she owes him one. Deb watches then get off the boat when they get back to the Marina (I wonder if Deb will know try to kill Hannah).

He gets a text that he needs to a crime scene at his apartments. Hannah gets in her car and leaves (Did I mention Deb is watching?)

Dexter enters Cassie’s apartment and notices how much it looks like his. Cassie’s new guy is sitting on the couch crying. Cassie is laying on the floor beaten to death just like Norma Rivera (any guesses as to who did it?)

Dexter thinks about how nothing good comes from putting killers together, like himself and Zach, and him and Hannah.