Dexter Season 8 Episode 8 REVIEW “The Brain Surgeon Is Back”

Dexter Season 8 Episode 8 REVIEW "The Brain Surgeon Is Back"

On last night’s episode 8 of Dexter we are at Cassie’s(you know the girl that got murdered last week). Dexter is to busy with thoughts of Hannah running through his head to concentrate. (Focus up Dex this girl was your neighbor and Jamie’s friend). Vince pulls Dexter out of dream land by saying that the murder was done impulsively. Vince thinks it was a rush job that was not well thought out. It’s Vince’s opinion that her boyfriend did it. Dexter is now focused and thinks if he had given Zach more time Cassie might still be alive (I bet the kid isn’t even doing it , that melon baller guy is probably still alive). Dexter notices a drop of blood on Cassie and wonders if its Zachs (of course it is).

Meanwhile Quinn is over to the side talking to Jamie (more like interrogating the poor girl, her friend just got murdered for pity’s sake Quinn needs to back off). Angel comes over to Jamie and does what is clearly Quinn’s damn job and hugs her. Deb comes in after putting Harrison to bed, she notices Dexter getting the blood sample and goes over to him. Deb is to ass chapped over Hannah to even be useful and all she does is ask Dexter if she is still in town (I’m not a big fan of Hannah either but geez give it a freaking rest already). Angel walks over and Deb ask him if its possible Cassie could have owed somebody money (like Hannah because wouldn’t that just be ideal). Angel must think that’s the smartest idea anyone has come up with thus far because he offers Deb her job back. Deb tells him she will think about and then leaves.

Dexter goes to the Marina to see Hannah. Dexter tells her she needs to get out of town. Hannah tells him she needs a passport. Dexter tells her he knows a guy that can get her one. Dexter then tells her he thinks that he missed a spot of blood when he was cleaning up her husband for her. Hannah tells him not to worry that not only did she get rid of it but that she used bleach to (sometimes I think he forgets she is a killer in her own right).

At he lab he runs the blood sample and surprise surprise it comes back as Zach. (This is a total snow job). Dexter is already planning to murder the kid in his head because he doesn’t want the cops to find a connection between them. (That and one less murder for the melon baller to worry about). Vince is showing his daughter around and brings her in to meet Dexter (guess she decided to take the job). Nikki is grossed out by all the blood (cant say that I blame her, this show grosses me out sometimes to).

Quinn shows Dexter pictures of both murders and tells him they are very similar and he thinks Zach did It (of course he does). Dexter tells Quinn he thought he wasn’t allowed to investigate Zach anymore. Quinn makes it clear he does what he wants. After all the kid is a monster.

Dexter is at Vogels and they are discussing how neither one of them can get ahold of Zach. Dexter blames Vogel since he had the chance to take him out and instead he listened to her and let him live and had he not done that then Cassie might still be alive. Dexter reminds her that Zach has killed to innocent women (no he hasn’t) and that he knows too much about her and Dexter. Vogel agrees that it is a problem and hat hey don’t have many options she also thinks it will be hard for Dexter to kill him. Dexter disagrees and feels that he can do it.

Dexter is at home and traces one of Zachs credit cards to a hotel in a place called Fiesta Keys. Jamie is still freaking out and wonders how Dexter deals with that kind of stuff every single day (if you knew the half of it). Deb comes by to once again bitch and the harass Dexter about Hannah. Deb wants to now if she is gone yet. Dexter tell her is on top of it. Deb thinks he is on top of her (jealous much Deb). Dexter tells Deb that Hannah came back to get help to kill her crazy abusive husband and that she was never going to hurt either of them. Deb ask him if he killed the husband. Dexter tells her he didn’t , that he is getting a Hannah a passport and soon she will be out of their lives forever and ever. Deb thinks Hannah needs o be locked up. Dexter disagrees. Deb gets pissed and storms out.

Dexter finds Jamie at Cassie’s apartment. She tells Dexter that she can’t stay there so she is taking Harrison to her place with Quinn.

Dexter meets with Hannah and takes a pic to send to his passport guy (sure passport guy whatever) and that she will have her new paperwork by tomorrow. Dexter tells her he will drop off her new passport tomorrow. Then he turns around and invites her to go tot the keys with him. Hannah wants to know what or who is there. Dexter says he will tell her on the way.

Meanwhile Hannah is playing up to Elway by showing him all the reward money they can get if they capture Hannah. Elway is of course interested. They go to the Marina but when they get there Hannah and yacht are gone. Deb knows for certain that it was there. And tells Elway but she won’t tell him how she knows. Elway tells her that her hate for Hannah is clouding her judgement (truer f**king words…..). He leaves to talk to the dock master.

Back at Quinn’s Jamie tells him she doesn’t want to be alone. Quinn tells her she isn’t she has the kid to keep her company. The kid tells him his name is Harrison. Then Jamie pulls the bitch move to end all bitch moves and guilts Quinn into staying with her by telling him if she was Deb he would stay. (Unfreakingbelievable).

Speaking of unfreakingbelievable Deb is tracking Dexter with the GPS tracker she put on his car. Then she still calls to ask where he is at. Dexter fumbles for words for a sec but finally decides that lying that he is getting dinner is the best way to go. Dexter tells Deb he will meet with her tomorrow. They hang up. Hannah comments on Deb being sunshine ( more like cloudy with a chance of hail).

Hannah ask Dexter who he is going to the Keyes after. Dexter tells he this name is Zach and that he disappointed him. Dexter also decides to tell her about Vogel (the spiritual mother). Dexter tells her all about Harry going to Vogel and now she came up with the code and how meeting her felt like meetings family member. Hannah understands that Zach is a problem Dexter needs to solve ( it’s a kid not a Rubik’s cube, actually the Rubik’s cube would probable be easier to solve). Hannah wonders why Dexter never killed her(because he is in love with you).

Deb calls Elway who tell her that the yacht is on its way to St. Kitts. Deb tells Elway that Hannah could have killed her husband. After all that is what Hannah does.

Dexter and Hannah are having some lunch and talking about shrimp which leads to some flirting.

Dexter and Hannah get to the hotel and Dexter gets out his kill kit and tells Hannah to wait outside. Dexter goes in and sees Zachs room is covered in plastic and he has a kill kit just like Dexters. Harry shows up and tells Dexter that Zachs first try was better than his and ask him if he has to kill Zach. Dexter tells him yes and that he is going to use his own setup in him.

Quinn is at the police station questioning Cassie’s boyfriend. Boyfriend claims they were going to spend the rest of their lives together ( after the first date that never happened? I doubt it…… Could this guy be the Melon Baller?) Quinn shows him a pic of Zach and ask if he looks familiar the boyfriend tells Quinn he can’t be sure.

Nikki is using Sage to get rid of the murder vibes. Quinn and Vince are watching. Matthews walks up and makes fun of her because that’s what dicks do. Matthews ask Quinn if he has any leads on who killed Cassie. Quinn tells him no.

Dexter and Hannah are chit chatting in the new and improved kill room when Zach walks in. Dexter grabs him and holds a knife to his throat. Dexter ask him if he killed Cassie, Zach tells him he didn’t that he has been following Sean Decker. Zach ask about Hannah and all he gets is smack to the ground for it. Dexter tells him Hannah is its him now. Dexter ask who Sean is. Zach tells him a kid he went to school with that bragged about killing a girl one summer. Zach wants to know if its ok to talk in front of Hannah, she assures him it is. Zach shows Dexter pictures of Sean that prove he has been stalking him. Dexter is impressed that Zach has been following the code without even realizing it. Zach shows Dexter Sean’s dead body in the trunk. Zach beat him to death. Dexter tells him he will help him clean it up and destroy any DNA evidence. Dexter ask Hanna to take care of the room and tells her he will be back in two hours. Zach looks from Hannah to Dexter. Zach tells Dexter to be careful that the handle on the car door is sharp and he caught himself on it. Dexter tells him to buckle his seatbelt.

Hannah gets rid of the plastic and when she gets back she is greeted by Deb. Deb tries to arrest her. Hannah says sorry no can do your not a cop. Deb tells her it’s a citizens arrest. Hannah tells her she can just as easily arrest her for aiding and abetting a serial killer (well played Hannah well played).

Harry is talking to Dexter while Zach is napping in the car. Harry ask Dexter if there is now a need in him stronger than the killing.( spot on analysis).

Hannah tells Deb she only kills when is backed into a corner and that she loves Dexter and that she would never hurt him or Deb. Dexter walks in and finds them talking. Deb admits she found him with the GPS tracker she put on his car. Zach walks in and ask who in the f**k Deb Deb storms out (again).

Dexter shows up at Vogels with Zach and Vogel ask the to stay for dinner but Dexter says he can’t. Zach says he is hungry. Vogel realizes Hannah is in the car and tells Dexter to get her so she can meet her. Dexter relents and gets Hannah. They have for what passes in Vogels warped mind as a family dinner. She tells Zach to take his arms off the table compliments what a good couple Hannah and Dexter make. You know your usual dinner table talk. Dexter is distracted by Cassie’s murder scene he knows,someone tried to frame Zach and he wonders why and who? They would have to have seen the first crime in order to duplicate the second? ( true or have committed both).

Angel comes home to Jamie and Harrison who is drawing a zombie. Angel tells Jamie she can stay if she will cook dinner.

Deb is sitting at her office slightly distracted. She tells Elway that he was right and Hannah probably has left the country and that it is a lost cause. She says she shouldn’t have let her personal vendetta get in the way. Deb tells. She isn’t cut out to be a P.I and she wants what she does to be more than zeros on a paycheck. Elway wants to know if she is going to go back to being a cop. Deb tells him she is thinking about it (probably so she can arrest Hannah

Dexter and Hannah are leaving Vogels and he ask her to give Zach a ride. Zach ask if he can drive. Vogel tells him no. Dexter is at a hotel with Hannah he reminds her of her travel plans. Dexter goes to hand her the passport and their hands touch. Ten their lips then close start coming off and they are having sex (Michael C Hall has the cutest little butt).

Dexter comes in to find his iPod playing and Zach dead in a chair his head has been sawed open and I bet you can guess why. (Boyfriend did it) Vogel is holding a jar with a piece of brain in it. Next Dexter is in his boat throwing Zachs body overboard. Elway is phoning Hannah’s fake name into the U.S. Marshall. Dexter is thinking about how some people in your life are more profound than others.

Dexter goes to the airport and stops Hannah from leaving.

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