Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 4 Review and Spoilers

Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 4 Review and Spoilers

There is good news to spread around on the latest episode of Downton Abbey. Although I would have considered good news whether or not it actually happened is just a byproduct. Apparently last week’s actions have all caught up to everyone. In case you missed it. Anna removed herself from her husband Mr. Bates. The only way she could figure out how to avoid his (in her opinion) intrusive questions was for her to leave their marital home and return to Downton. She was too afraid to tell him anything about her assault and felt running away would be easier. Mrs. Hughes did try to advise otherwise but Anna was stubborn.

Now here’s the good news and the spoilers. Do be careful after this point – Anna is not with child. Earlier there was speculation on if she was before her attack and if that might cause her trouble when her attack became public knowledge. So at least that one ghost has been put to rest. That’s what Mrs. Hughes and the audience was thinking but Anna still refused to return home. She said her husband would be able to tell. He knows her that well. Also he’s very good at listening in on conversations. He never heard the full talk so he looked for answers elsewhere.

One of her greatest fears was that Bates would do something to her attacker. Remembering earlier seasons, let’s not forget Bates has a temper.  It was the very same temper that landed him in jail as the number one suspect in a murder investigation.  Anna knows this and it’s why she fears what he’ll do if he ever found out. She wouldn’t be able to live with herself if he were to go back to jail.

Was she right? Yes! Anna may not have been the one to tell him ( thank you Mrs. Hughes) but shortly after reassuring his wife he cares; Bates was already hatching up plots. The ladies never admitted who the culprit was but it won’t stop Bates. He’s going to hunt this man down and he’s going to hurt him. Out of consideration for his wife, he’ll be a good husband and not tell her his plans.

Well that is technically a semi-happy ending. Nowadays it seemed as if Lady Edith was all set to be happy as well. Yet someone or something is threatening that. She can’t get into contact with her married paramour, Michael. It’s almost like he disappeared. Which isn’t convenient in the slightest. Here’s the dilemma: Edith could have gone for a check-up but it is suspicious that she would visit a doctor all the way in London. Normally this would be a two guesses question yet we’ll leave it at one. On guess to why Edith would travel as far from her family to see a doctor…

Nevertheless we can’t make London all about Edith. There was another person traveling up there for a visit. Alfred had to go through testing for a chef’s position at the Ritz. He did well. That’s what matter no matter who teases him. He didn’t get the job but still he can always try again another day. This all in all made Daisy happy! She got to train him for the test and no longer has to fear him leaving.

On the topic of departures, fans should prepare themselves. Branson wants to take Sybil and leave Downton. He says his daughter will get a better chance all the way in America where she won’t be treated as a daughter of an uppity driver. They can start over if they left. He found this particular nugget of truth after what happened last week.

It will be sad to seem him go. Yet if he must then must. He would at best escape Barrow’s schemes. The man is always cooking something even when all appears quiet at Downton. He knows hot to sniff out information. He uses the ladies maid. Especially the new lady he got hired. She’ll be perfect for him. Possibly better than O’Brien.

So you see a lot of people got what they needed. Except for Lady Edith which isn’t particularly new. She knows disappointment. Lady Mary was just getting reacquainted with it when an old flame appeared back on the scene.