Meet Ellis Calcutt: Harry Styles’ New Girlfriend Who Bedded Him On Their First Date

Meet Ellis Calcutt: Harry Styles' New Girlfriend Who Bedded Him On Their First Date

Forget about Taylor Swift, Harry Styles has already moved on and she just so happens to be better looking that the country singer. So we have to ask… is the One Direction fella trying to tell us something here? Of course – not only will he never ever get back together with TayTay, he has already moved on to this blonde chick named Ellis Calcutt, we’d give her a 6/10 which is still an improvement compared to us giving Swift a 3/10.

The 18-year old met up with his girlfriend in Glasgow, England yesterday afternoon after she finished her studying classes – we’re assuming she’s in university, unless she’s still in High School… which would make Harry a pervert (… that’s for another story though). His visit to Ellis was very unexpected, considering that he has so much going on with the world tour coming up, then the whole break-up drama from Swift… he definitely needed a break and hooking up with Ellis was the best solution he could find.

According to the Daily Record, Styles and Calcutt ate a BBQ Americano pizza at Pizza Hut in Argyle Street and it wasn’t long before people started noticing who he was, so they quickly jumped into a taxi and made out headed over to the nearest theatre to see Movie 43.

A source revealed the following: “He and Ellis went to the cinema to see Movie 43. As expected, word had spread and there was a crowd waiting by the time he left. There was a great buzz about the place and he seemed in good spirits,” before adding: “The staff helped try to smuggle him out the side entrance. He left with Ellis and the two of them got into a silver Mercedes and sped off.

Ellis supposedly stayed the night in Harry’s hotel room, and it doesn’t take a country singer like Taylor Swift to figure out what they must have been doing, but we just can’t wait for Swift’s next song to come out. She’s going to be dishing the dirt on Harry and continue to make millions from her teenage audience. Wonder how long Ellis and Styles will last — we’ll give it no more than a month.

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7 responses to “Meet Ellis Calcutt: Harry Styles’ New Girlfriend Who Bedded Him On Their First Date”

  1. IshipBarry says:

    Eww she’s a huge great big girl! Even taywhore wasn’t as bad. I’d rather him be gay with Louis!

  2. IshipBarry says:

    And this is coming from a blonde Directioner! Who else here would rather see larry come out?

  3. pepejeans says:

    Hello.This his bestfriend since school.It is not his girlfriend.Get the facts straight and stop spreading lies.They just had a friends evening together.There is nothing,NOTHING going on between them.

  4. Yeah, trust the writer who thinks that Glasgow is in England. Do some research, idiot.

  5. says:

    I can’t believe that some people actually are believng this. That’s an old photo, from like 2010. Thats his old girlfriend. People are really stupid sometimes and Glasgow is in Scotland, not England..