Emma Roberts and Peter Evans Drunk and Stoned During Fight Leading To Arrest? (PHOTOS)

Emma Roberts and Peter Evans Drunk and Stoned During Fight Leading To Arrest? (PHOTOS)

What on earth was going through Emma Roberts’ mind when she decided to take a crack at Evan Peters, and then get arrested?

As I said earlier, out of all the celebrities I expected to be involved in a domestic violence dispute, Emma Roberts and Evan Peters were at the bottom of my list. For one thing, this is the first time either of them has been in the news for anything like this. For another, it sounds like she actually bashed him up pretty good. Reports say that he had bite marks and a bloody nose, and those are not the result of a small fight.

Obviously, if they were loud enough in their hotel room for someone to actually report them, it means the fight must have been pretty heated. Although we can’t say for sure what really happened, Emma was also injured and photos below show her leaving a doctors office after getting back home post her arrest. She has a bandage on her elbow and TMZ reports that her legs are banged up as well. This leads us to believe that it was a real brawl, not just Emma doing the hitting, although we can’t say that for certain.

So what led Emma to lose control like this? Once again, we’ve never heard of this type of behavior from her before. Alcohol and *cough* other substances *cough*, we’ve heard. But not physical violence.

Was she drunk? Was she on drugs? Was she really, really angry? I mean, nothing excuses hitting another person, unless you were hitting them back in self defense. From what we know of the situation, it’s pretty clear that she wasn’t fighting in self defense, if she didn’t have a single mark on her.

What do you guys think happened? Montreal is a big city, and if people actually reported them to the police, then their fight must have been loud. Do you think Emma or Evan initiated the whole thing, and do you think this has happened before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Emma Roberts leaving an doctors office in Burbank, California on July 13

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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