Emma Watson CONFIRMED As Anastasia Steele: Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

Emma Watson CONFIRMED As Anastasia Steele: Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

Well that group of online hackers known as Anonymous may have finally caught my attention and I’m going to bet that by the end of today they will have caught the attention of most American women too. Who cares about Kim Kardashian’s SSN or who Kris Jenner screwed last, this is significant and something Fifty Shades of Grey fans have been hanging on the edges of their seats waiting for.

According to documents that were found while hacking into the German Constantin film company, an actress IS indeed confirmed to play Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey and it’s not one of the most popular names that has circulated. It looks like Emma Watson has signed on to play the naive college girl in the erotic franchise. In case you’ve been under a rock, Fifty started as a trilogy of books that focuses on the BDSM underworld. Christian Grey is a powerful businessman by day and by night he has young Ana all tied up, literally.

The series became a huge hit last year with women reading the series in record time. The film franchise is expected to make a killing IF the casting is believable. Ian Somerhalder is the name most heard when people are speculating on who may play Christian and he certainly has spoken even just this week about certainly being open to the possibility.

Was Emma someone that you imagined in the role of Ana? If this casting rumor is true then who do you think would work best opposite her? He’ll have to bring serious strength, power and sexiness to the big screen because if those qualities aren’t there instantly the whole franchise will tank. Tell us your thoughts on this casting rumor in the comments below!

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  1. Several things, that file was over 4 months old, it wasn’t even a file from 2013. A lot of change happens in films (hell we just saw what happened to Voices and Cinderella this week for Emma.) For 4 months, over a hundred people had access to this file, and no one said anything beforehad if it was true? If this was true, and one of the biggest hyped castings in recent memory, wouldn’t they limit who had access to it? I didn’t know you thought 50 SOG had better security than our Drone program. And really the key thing to focus on here, it wasn’t even hacked from a movie company (Universal, Disney, etc) but rather from a German distribution database that has NOTHING to do with the creation of the film. Distribution companies have NOTHING do do with casting, pre-production, or filming. All they do is make a bid on the finished product.

  2. kacy50 says:

    Wow the author of this article is so quick to believe this without proof! They didn’t show us the file they found. Are you going to disregard the fact that EL James just recently said casting is a ways off? Script was just finished, literally, and they still don’t have a director. No actor would sign onto anything without having read a completed script first and being aware of who the director is. This file was from 2012 apparently anyway. It’s just not true. This is not confirmation. Nothing is confirmed until the people actually associated with the film announce casting news.

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