Farrah Abraham Takes Pic and Video With Daughter Sophia

Back Door Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is obviously not shy about her body, she actually seems to be very comfortable with herself. She has even boasted that she made a porno because she wanted to be able to watch it when she is older and remember how “hot” she was.

Teen Mom fans are in an uproar though over a video that Farrah Abraham recently shared on Twitter. In the video Farrah is discussing a project she is currently working on with her daughter Sophia, and how exhausted she is. Nobody really cares about the project though. The problem with the video is that the “Back Door Teen Mom Star” is clearly topless and lying in bed with her daughter.

Whether or not Farrah wants to walk around naked in front of her daughter, is really her own business. To each their own. But, why would you share a video of you doing so on Twitter for millions of people to watch? Despite how desperately Farrah is trying to clean up her image, at the end of the day she is a porn star. Anyone who is scouring the internet in search of videos of her, is most likely doing so because they are a fan of her porno, not because they are curious what projects she is working on with her daughter. Is that really the audience you should be sharing footage of your daughter with?

What do you guys think, did Farrah cross a line with this video?

  • Harper34

    My God, what has she done to her face?!

  • Tony

    It’s so obvious she’s trying to be like Kim Kardashian ..

  • alli

    in her defense she could be wearing a strapless top.

  • Charp

    Are those centipedes on her eyes? Jeez. Ick. Urrre. Ahhh. Yes, sorry, can’t even think of words to describe how horrible this woman is.

  • Stephanie

    They need to take her kid away quick that poor baby girl deserves a mother who will take care of her daughters needs before getting crouch rot over some dollar bills. She is disgusting and a poor excuse for a mother figure. Gods blesses you with the right to bare a child like so many women do not have the option for and this is how you spend your time with them is naked and video taping hoping to make the next buck. Total disgust for this fake over zealous woman