Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie Rated R Or PG-13: Studio Battle E. L. James and Fans

Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie Rated R Or PG-13: Studio Battles E. L. James and Fans

Will the Fifty Shades of Grey movie be Rated R or Rated Pg-13? Yes, the studio has said they want to stay faithful to the books. The director has said the film will contain the essence of the story. But what does an R-rating truly mean to box office returns?

As we’ve seen from films like The Matrix, The Terminator, and even recent comedies, an R-rating is not the kiss of death. BUT – and this is a big but – when the films are based on a romantic, sex-driven narrative that appeals primarily to older women, it might mean differently. Or does it?

The Matrix and Terminator films appealed primarily to young men, but the films managed to reach four quadrant appeal to become a global phenomenon. Fifty Shades of Grey, for better or worse, is already a global phenomenon and doesn’t need the buzz – it already has it. So if they keep the films rated R, they know that the core fan base is still going to come see the movies. But what about everybody else?

The good thing for the studio and filmmakers is that this isn’t even remotely close to the Terminator or the Matrix in terms of budget. The story takes place in bedrooms and office rooms and red rooms and several other rooms – often with the two main characters talking, fighting, or having sex. That doesn’t require a big budget. In fact, the highest costs are probably salaries for the cast and director, not much else.

So with that in mind, they can afford to make it an R-rating. But will they? Sources claim that several studio executives have already tried to appeal to the filmmakers to get a reduced PG-13 rating so they can grab the tween and teen female audience, the one that so successfully launched Twilight into a blockbuster franchise. However, because the author [E. L. James] is so involved in the films, I’m hearing she’s not biting – either the films are rated R or they’re not made at all.

What do you guys think? Should the films be Rated R or PG-13? Let us know in the comments.

7 responses to “Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie Rated R Or PG-13: Studio Battle E. L. James and Fans”

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  2. kacy50 says:

    There is no way they’re making this PG13 and allowing any and everyone to come see it. These books are EROTICA. If they couldn’t make it NC17 they shouldn’t be making it at all. As this article states, it already has the hype and the fanbase. Making it NC17 WILL bring people to the theaters because the fans are already with it and the majority are adults. Making it R sucks but at least there is some restriction with no one under 17 being allowed to see it. Well, without an adult. Making it R already takes a lot away from the books. Make it PG13, don’t bother calling it Fifty Shades of Grey, because it won’t be a film adaptation of that book. That’s for sure.

  3. wind6 says:

    You have to make this movie R,at the least. I think as popular as they are, NC-17 would still bring huge box office numbers. To do the books any justice, don’t go weaker than R

  4. twelfthnight says:

    I haven’t read these books, but making this PG13 or perhaps even R rated would be like if they made Harry Potter but took out the magic part of it. Or the Voldemort part. It’s like the whole basis of the story.

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  6. hapyjsocks says:

    pg 13 just because it may have some bad d scene doesn’t mean i

  7. happysocks2106 says:

    pg 13. I mean it may have some bad scenes but still this is a great book and t got lots of attention in adult and teen worlds. a lot of friends that I ha are teens and I am a teen as well but still we have all read the book and we all wanted it to be a movie and we all wanted to see it plus on top of all the others ant to see it. I really want this to be pg13 so all of us can experience this amazing movie that is based off an amazing book. plus teens have seen and heard abut sex ok le just get that out there e all know what it is and what happens, from the trailers perspective I don’t think it would be that bad to have 15, 16 year olds who are already learning about this and have also seen this to watch a great story based movie that’s just my take but so many teens that I know want this to be pg13 sooo bad and so do I. so please make it pg13 please not just for the sake of me but for all the teens that want to see this movie. plus what teenager wants to sit in a theater watching that movie with their parents or parent, it would suck trust me, unless your into watching naked people with your parents then do as you will but it would be so much easier as to make it pg13 so teens and adults can watch this movie at their own time. I don’t know if you are actually reading the comments but this is just my take on it.