Watch the Final ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Trailer Review: Into The Arena We Go (VIDEO)

Final 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Trailer Review: Into The Arena We Go

The final Catching Fire trailer is notably different from all the promotional material that’s preceded it in one way: it shows the arena. For fans of Catching Fire, you’ll know that the gigantic plot twist towards the middle of the second book, which has already been spoiled by all the past trailers, is that Katniss and Peeta are forced to go back into the arena.

Instead of competing against other children like they did in the first Hunger Games, they are now forced to compete against previous victors. This was all laid out in the last trailer, which has been the version playing in all the theaters. However, the latest trailer was released on television during the World Series, and definitely bring us a more epic scope to the movie than we’ve gotten so far.

From the very opening shot, which shows Katniss climbing onto a tree and shooting an arrow at the sky, we’re dealing with the increased scale of this film. The world’s opened up, the arena’s opened up, and the action only gets more riveting. We get glimpses of scenes we’ve seen before – the unrest in the districts, her bonding with her sister, and the costumes in the Capitol. However, we also get a glimpse of the arena, and everything that comes along with it. The increased visual effects money looks well spent, and the eerie sense of danger is well established, along with our first look at the jabberjays, the monkey mutts, and the fog! There’s also a blink-and-you-miss-it moment with Peeta and Katniss by the beach, when he gives her a very special locket. The trailer ends with Jennifer Lawrence doing what Jennifer Lawrence does best: scrunching up her face in pain and screaming. Why? If you’ve read the books, you’ll be jumping up and down in excitement, and if you haven’t, you’ll have to wait until November 22nd to find out.

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