General Hospital’s Anthony Geary Threatens to Quit Classic Soap Opera Over Salary Dispute!

General Hospital's Anthony Geary Threatens to Quit Classic Soap Opera Over Salary Dispute!

Soap Operas are truly turning into a dying breed and any attempts to modernize the genre seem to also fall flat. We watched as Prospect Park revived both All My Children and One Life to Live and brought popular characters back to life 5 days a week online only to find that very few people cared. That audience that would sit and watch their shows for an hour on television each day had no interest of spending 30 minutes viewing the rebooted shows online.

General Hospital is one of the few soaps actually left on network television but it is feeling the numbers crunch as they can’t afford to pay big bucks to even veteran performers anymore. Anthony Geary has been with the show for 35 years and truly has spent much of that time working when he wants to. The actor lives in Amsterdam and spends only about 18 weeks a year in the states to film this scenes. His character, Luke Spencer is one half of the Luke and Laura supercouple that had viewers of GH running home to watch the show years ago. Tony believes that his presence alone commands a big paycheck, $1.5 million a year for basically a part time gig, to be exact.

According to the Oct. 29th print edition of GLOBE magazine, the powers that be are insisting that Tony take a 50% pay cut and he insists that he’ll walk if that is their bottom line. From the network’s stand point, actors that work year round and enjoy non-stop front burner storylines don’t make that kind of money while sacrificing other areas of their lives for the sake of the show.

Tony is insisting that if he leaves he also wants his character killed off to remind the audience that even beloved characters do die in daytime. Needless to say the network would rather leave the door open for the possibility of Tony’s return down the road. Any way you look at it this is a stalemate that no one will really win. Do you think Tony will end up quitting? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Angel 2009

    I would certainly miss the Luke Spencer character but why kill him off? Geary needs to be a little more reasonable with his demands.

  • HollywoodHiccups

    I would miss him. I love Luke with Tracy and I hope they pursue that storyline more. They have already lost enough characters.

  • Robyn

    I love Tony, please say this is not true!

  • Angela Paschal

    I like the Luke character, but no one is worth that much money. Making these kinds of demands just shows that he does not care about soap fans. His character is not half as interesting as it was back in the Luke and Laura days, so maybe it is time for him to go.

  • Diane Bennett

    Bye Bye Geary NOBODY is worth that much…especially working part time!!! And you shouldn’t have control of future storyline either…kill off the character…you don’t own the character!! Go home to Amsterdam and quit holding GH hostage

    • Sheila

      I think TG has been holding GH hostage for a long time now- pushing for storylines that makes him the center, instead of things that are good for the show. If only he would exit and make room for other vets we don’t see enough of, like Robert Scorpio.

  • They should kill him off!

  • Wise Mocha

    I have a hard time believing anyone is making $1.5 million in Daytime Soaps, but that’s just me. Anyway, Luke Spencer is now a shell of who he once was… Save some money, make Tony happy, and kill off Luke Spencer.

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  • Aladriana

    I’d miss him BUT it wouldn’t hurt the show to lose him, at this point. So many other good vets on, and he’s barely there…

  • Cassie Hicks

    This is ridiculous! How can you guys print that a few people cared when we had worked our butts off to bring back “All My Children” an “One Life To Live”, which had topped the iTunes charts? You guys have no idea how wrong you are.;(

  • Merry Anne Howe Hess

    Tony Gears is NOT worth the 1/5 mil hes getting. He is OLD, UGLY, SHRIVELED UP & A LITTLE TOO FULL OF HIMSELF.
    Let him walk. He used to be younger & attractive.
    We dont’ watch GH to see him. Hell, hes barely on there.
    He works when he wants…LET HIM GO.
    There are actors on the show, that work a lot harder & more hours than he does.
    Let him see that he’s not gonna get the money ANYWHERE else.
    People are having hard times now a days, even soap stars.
    How dare him even THREATEN to walk….hes lucky hes even getting paid half for as little as he works.
    He USED to demand a high salary in his younger years.
    He probably still improvises which he used to boast about, which makes lines hard on his co workers….
    I say LET HIM GO walk.
    I’d much rather see Spinelli, Patrick, Mac, Sonny, Max. Milo, Brad, Nikolas….and all the rest…
    Tony, say BY BY….

  • Merry Anne Howe Hess

    Tony Geary has some nerve. Hes not worth 1.5 mil. He works 18 weeks a year???
    Please…………….if he doesn’t want to take a cut in pay LET HIM WALK.
    He was once nice looking, younger…but now, hes old, ugly & shriveled up.
    We dont’ tune in to see HIM…We tune in to see the likes of SPINELLI , MAX, MILO, MAC, SONNY, NIKOLAS & ALL THE OTHER GUYS.

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  • Cassie Hicks

    ITA, T. S.

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  • MusicGuy314

    I’d hate to see him go now, especially since they did the “tease” where Luke seemed to have turned true criminal. I figured there was something fishy going on. He’s always walked the line but never really crossed it unless it was for something ultimately good. Then they showed the real Luke being held prisoner while the “Bad Luke” was impersonating him. At least it still brings some action to the show that now seems mired in all this “young love” merry-go-round. And please lose the jerky Aussie guy with Maxie. What a tool!