General Hospital: Who Gets Shot This Week on Shocking Episode (POLL)

General Hospital: Who Gets Shot This Week on Shocking Episode (POLL)

Things have been heating up at General Hospital and Olivia’s prediction of violence and chaos has been certainly come true in 2013.  As we head into the end of the year there are a lot of secrets and lies that still have to be resolved and there is danger and tension in the air.

Apparently this week on General Hospital someone is getting shot.  We don’t know if the person will survive the shot but we know there is going to be a shootout.

So who is going to be shot, there are so many candidates.  Lets look at some of the possibilities.  First Sonny’s son Morgan resents his father Sonny and he is working with Julian Jerome again to betray Sonny.  Morgan is trying to find out where Sonny has Carlos for Julian.  Could this lead to Morgan being shot?

Sonny has Julian’s enforcer Carlos tied up and is threatening to kill him.  The only thing keeping Carlos alive at this point is the possibility that Carlos is related to Sonny’s late wife.   Will Sonny shoot Carlos?

Julian Jerome has threatened Sonny on more than one occasion.  Julian has been looking for Carlos, will Julian rescue Carlos and shoot Sonny?

A.J. has been on trial for the murder of Connie, Sonny’s girlfriend.  He was recently acquitted even though the jury thought he was guilty they did not have enough evidence to convict him.  A.J. has hit the bottle again.  Will Sonny shoot A.J. to avenge Connie?

Heather Webber escaped from her padded cell again and continued to threaten Carly.  Her new found son Franco stabbed and *apparently* stabbed her.  But did he?  We saw her hand come out of the grave where Franco buried her.  Will Heather come back alive and shoot Carly?

Tristan Rogers who plays Robert Scorpio is leaving General Hospital for The Young & The Restless.  Will he be shot to explain his exit from the show?  Is this the end of Robert Scorpio?

What do you think CDLers, who will be shot on the show this week?  Take our poll below and let us know what you think!