George Clooney’s Next Girlfriend – And The Lucky Lady Is…

George Clooney's Next Girlfriend - And The Lucky Lady Is...

It is official George Clooney and Stacy Keibler are dunzo. This not so shocking news has brought the very important question of who will be the next lucky lady to be Mr. Clooney’s arm candy?

The possibilities of who will be George’s next lady love are endless. The only “type” he seems to have is that the woman be tall and gorgeous. In the past he has dated mostly models and actress, he isn’t opposed to branching out to siblings of famous ladies or cocktails waitress too though. Profession may be an issue but doesn’t seem to be a deal breaker.

There will certainly not be a shortage of women lining up to be the next girlfriend of the A-list actor. I am thinking he might go the actress route again. It has been a while since he dated an actress but it has to be someone who is not more popular than he is. Laugh if you will,  but you would never see him with the likes of say Charlize Theron, whose career is just as hot if not hotter than Clooney’s.  No A-list actresses need apply for this job.

My mind is drawing a blank as to a specific woman for George but what I do know is she has to be willing to accept that marriage is not an option. In all honestly his next love is  probably only looking at a couple of years max, so the chick needs to be ok with just living in the moment. Someone young early thirties is probably the age limit.

Oh wait it just came to me, how about his ex-Krista Allen, she is single again. There always seemed to be something special between those two. Wait though she has a kid, not sure George is all that kid friendly if you know what I mean. Plus she might be over the age limit but a good possibility none the less.

Who do you think would make a great girlfriend for George Clooney? Tell us in the below comments section.

2 responses to “George Clooney’s Next Girlfriend – And The Lucky Lady Is…”

  1. Mike11CTSV says:

    Nothing is official. George and Stacy still share a dwelling, so they aren’t “done”. Do your research before you post BS.

  2. Jocelyn says:

    Okay – George and Charlize would be HOT