George Zimmerman Arrested In Domestic Violence Incident In Orlando

George Zimmerman Arrested In Domestic Violence Incident In Orlando

George Zimmerman has been arrested for a domestic incident in Orlando, Florida. Basically, he’s learned nothing from the Trayvon Martin case, and this is further proof that he should have been kept in prison, where he belonged.

According to the report on TMZ, cops were called to a ‘domestic incident‘ at a local residence, which was assumed to be either George’s or his girlfriend’s. The report states that George was involved in a ‘situation’ with his girlfriend, although the cops are currently not releasing any more details.

Ok, cops don’t generally turn up without being called, either by someone involved in the domestic ‘incident’ or neighbors. If the neighbors heard George and his girlfriend fighting, then it would have been serious enough to call the cops. And obviously, if his own girlfriend called the cops on him, that says more than enough. Additionally, this isn’t even his first time being involved in a ‘domestic incident’, since he was accused of beating up his wife, Shellie Zimmerman. She divorced his useless ass, but his current girlfriend clearly didn’t get the memo.

With his track record, he’s not going to get any leniency from the law. Or at least, I hope not. Even after his release from prison following the Trayvon Martin verdict, he’s been up to his usual shenanigans, playing vigilante and trying to get other people in trouble for no good reason. This kind of person doesn’t just change, and it shows that his time in prison clearly didn’t make a lick of difference to him.

Apparently, George has already arrived at the local prison and has been booked, we assume under domestic violence charges.

What do you guys think of George’s arrest? Considering this now marks multiple run-ins with the police since his release from prison, do you guys think he should be locked up permanently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Angel 2009 says:

    This guy is clearly a serious menace, it’s not if but when will he kill again.

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